Card of the Day – Thursday – July 12, 2012

Today‘s card is Work (usually mundane jobs but can be spiritual work) and the rune-stave is Uruz (ancient cattle/primal ice/ice age/health).

This is a rather unusual combination and may be yet another energy trying to surface or this could be a reading shedding further light on what has already been happening during the past week.  That Stranger/Fool/New Beginnings/hail/sudden disruption seems to have had a partly solar/sun origin; but it may also affect other things.

Today, with the card for mundane work/Jobs, we get another clue of what may be affected by this disruption.  Of course it may also be that jobs/work is going to be affected in some other way today, or at least make the news.  During bad economic times, jobs are often a constant focus, so it is no surprise that today may be a day when news stories about jobs, work, lay-offs or even work-related bonuses or accidents are highlighted.

Work can also be spiritual of course, and there may also be information coming out about spiritual and charitable work on the part of others.  Individuals can use today’s energy to focus both on their daily job/work in the physical world as well as their spiritual one.  A good day for reflection and meditation, because even though there is still “active” energy, it is good for examining and looking at any problem.

The Uruz rune-stave is a little harder to read, while literally a symbol for the Ancient, Giant Cattle of Old Europe; which in the Germanic world view is part of the creation story by licking the ancient ice; it is also sometimes used to indicate health or well-being.  I’m sensing both here, first the cow may be starting to lick the ice and start things moving (hopefully in a good way on the job front) and also as a reminder of the ice-age itself.  A time when life was very hand’s on, many Europeans lived in caves and solar-heat was at a premium.

There is even a slight possibility that some of the meaning of this combination is to “work, to maintain good health, in the Ice-Age (or perhaps flooding).”  Given the harvest problems due to water/flooding in Europe this is no great surprise; another possible hints of problems with the weather or harvests that we have also seen in other readings.

This is also why stories about “work-place health” are more likely today or even more breakthroughs in man’s knowledge (work) in the health fields (a new discovery, a new understanding, a new experiment etc).

But for most of us, just knowing it is a good day for concentrating on work and our health is probably enough to go on.  There has been a lot of ice/hail/glacier imagery in the runes the last few weeks; which is probably both spiritual and physical.  At the very least there may be some economic movement showing this week, as the cow melts the ice and the water starts flowing.

Tomorrow’s weekend reading may provide a bit more information; watch the news carefully for the next few days it could get interesting.

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