Card of the Day – Tuesday – July 10, 2012

Today’s Primary Card is The Stranger but stuck underneath it was Prison, so while I am reading the main card, I giving the Prison card nearly equal importance because I did not even realize it was there until I went to read.

The rune-stave is Othala (also called Odala) which means homeland or inheritance.

First off, there are only 40 cards in this deck but this is the second time in a week the Stranger has come up and it whomever or whatever new element/person/energy the Stranger is; they seem very important to come up again so soon.

That is worrisome because in a macro current-events reading, to be “stuck” to the Prison card like this suggests whomever/whatever it is offers a trap and/or actually prison to those closely affected.

To have the Homeland/inheritance alongside them is an even greater cause for concern, because it suggests that not only does the Stranger present entrapment/prison/bars it also focuses on the very “inherited land” (usually translation of the meaning of the rune-stave) of those directly affected.

Aka what looks like a “new” threat, challenge or seeming “solution” to problems experienced by national “homelands” (or People/Tribes/Nations/Homesteads/Clans) is actually a trap/prison.

My hunch is this may be partly about both the world economic crises and the possible “solution” of human warfare, because Othala is sometimes associated with Wotan/Odin (and conflicts over land/inheritance aka war personal or international).

The Othala Rune Stave has also been associated with “Greater Germany” since the late 1800’s and so could also reflect that Germany (or Germanic energies) may play a part in this “new” situation (or at least be greatly affected by it).

While we still don’t know what the “New/Stranger” energy that first surfaced last weekend is; we now know that it is not a helpful or even neutral force.  We also know it is a threat to homes/homelands/inheritance, aka what generations pass on to their children.

I wish the reading were not so dark today, but with that Prison card, I just can’t see any other way to read it.

As always individuals can use this energy for positive growth and awareness; use the Stranger energy to continue yesterdays new starts and explorations of new ideas and projects.  Just be aware there is a lot of energy out there can lead you down the garden path towards personal and public “traps.”  While this is a good day to research a new business idea, it is NOT a good day to sign on the dotted line for a partnership, especially anything that might affect your personal home and family.  Give it a few days to “gel” and be sure to read all the fine print.  You can also use today’s Othala energy for work on the home both physical and spiritual, just don’t let yourself get trapped their either.

Again a very interesting week energy-wise, stay tuned for more…




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