Card of the Day – Monday – July 9, 2012

Todays card is The Fool (New beginnings, Start of a Journey, inattention) and the rune-stave is Hagalaz (Hail, Unexpected event, harsh advice/lesson).

Together they are a very interesting combination and suggest in a world/western world reading that the current state of inattention (or blindness) that is being engaged in by most of the Western World (especially during the Summer “Slow” Season” is about to be shocked into attention very quickly.  This will most likely happen because of a sudden, powerful and major event (like a Hail storm); which could be either natural or man-made.

Like this past weekend’s cards; there is also the possibility of a great breakthrough (like being hit on the head) that could break science (or other fields) wide open.  Again, both types of events could be at play here, and because we continue with last weeks “fresh/new/birth/fool” energy, we can gather it is all part of the same patterns that really started to come into focus last week.

If we look at the Fool Card, we see that the young man is about to start his life’s journey and is very happy playing his own music and walking forward towards his destiny.  Unfortunately his own music (and hair over his eyes) distract him from the possible dangers of the road, including the tree in front of him and the roots below  his boots.  He may be just fine, step over the roots and avoid the tree and never be aware that he was in danger; or he may smash head long into the tree or find himself face down on the ground with a broken ankle from the root.

This is the sense I am getting from the Fool Card today – it is a great card to start a new week with, being the very symbol of a new journey or period of time.  But that Hagalaz Rune-Stave really suggests that a Hail Storm is about to smash right into that young man, just about the time he steps off the card; he may avoid the tree only to be blindsided when he least expects it.

Hagalaz can also be a warning of severe weather, which has already been occurring and may continue; this would not however be a great surprise unless something totally unexpected were to come with it (or so overwhelming as to be unexpected).  I am picking up the possibility of Great Storms this week, and they may be in the spiritual/psychic as well as the physical realms.

As always, individuals can use the Fool energy to their own advantage, looking at their work through fresh eyes, starting off new projects and making sure to pay attention to things (even if the energy tries to shy away from them).  Individuals can also keep their eyes open for hailstones falling on their lives, not to cower in fear of them, but just be ready to take shelter if they see dark clouds rolling in out of a clear-blue sky.

All in all, it may be a very interesting week – stay tuned….

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