Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – July 7-8 (Sat-Sun)

Well computer is finally out of the shop and hopefully totally fixed – so Card of the Day should be back to normal as of today (Saturday).  Meanwhile, we have a two-day “weekend edition” that is very interesting and seems to be building on the birthing energies of earlier this week.

Our cards: The Stranger, The Sage and The Tower (Castle) and the rune-stave Manaaz (Mankind/Partnerships) give a hint as to some of the areas really influenced by the new energies.

First The Stranger card (a new person/energy/situation) suggests that the new energy cycle that started to form this past week involves a new person/element or situation coming onto the world/western world scene.  For some reason I am being drawn towards “Mother” Russia as one of the players in this, though I don’t think they are the only thing connected to this card.  But it does feel like a rather growley bear is waking up and may be stumbling around looking for her breakfast and wondering where her cubs have gotten off to.  It is probably best to stay out of her way when possible, at least until she found her cubs and had her porridge…

The Sage card usually represents wisdom and the conservative (book based) knowledge of the past – the “Good” Sage contributes to future generations by writing in his personal book which will be added to the library.  Sometimes the Sage can represent holding on to old ideas when they are no longer working (or the best) solution.  But my take on it is that this card is suggesting that “Great Wisdom” and a good knowledge of history will be needed to deal with the “new” Stranger on the scene – again I think this is partly Russia and studying “The Great Game” of the last couple of centuries would not be wasted time on the part of those with the power to affect things (or just those who want to understand it).  The Sage is more than just this, but I think this is an important chunk of it…

The Tower (Castle Tower) represents strong walls and defensive fortifications, while it can be The Home (which is another card as well) it more often means a person’s physical and mental defenses. While in a personal reading, this is most often about protecting ones self from outside influences (or opening to others); in this context I think it really is about real physical defense and protection on a national or international scale. 

Why do I think this? 

Because our final big of information is the rune-stave Manaaz, which translates as “Man/Mankind” and usually signifies partnerships/alliances/treaties etc.  The Ancient Rune poem says “Man is the Joy of Man” and the rune is actually composed of the two runes for “Joy” (Wunjo) but this is Joy in the Old Viking/Germanic sense of Clan Banner/Tribe/Kinfolk/Children etc

So, while Manaaz can be a joyful rune when reading for a relationship (suggesting a “partnership type of marriage” or a new business start-up; it may not be so wonderful (or at least a bit trickier) when reading for a situation among Peoples/Tribes/Nations.

Because the other cards suggest something like:

The Stranger comes through the door and onto the Stage – Great Wisdom, especially from the past,  is needed to understand and deal with him – It would be wise to consider personal/national defenses at this time.

Which the rune is added – Partnerships/alliances/friendships and treaties may be greatly influence/affected/established/or broken at this time. 

All together the energy is now screaming for people to pay attention to the new factor that has come into play this week (probably all that birthing energy is part of that) and take appropriate measures to start dealing with it.

The cards suggest that for now, such measures should be DEFENSIVE not offensive; that may change later but for now study and looking to personal matters like defense and partnerships are in order; making sure that everything is as it should be and updating or changing that which is needed to remain secure.

This affects everyone personally too, this is a time when new elements are likely to come into people’s lives and using wisdom and reflection is going to be the first way to start to come to terms with them.

For individuals, the partnership rune can hold the key to doing well through such a time period; choose wisely whom you rely on and don’t hold back from asking for help; but at the same time you may wish to disengage from partnerships that may trap you inside the tower instead of helping you defend it.

I suspect that sometime next week these cards/energies will become clearer although July/August can be a muddy period for reading when public events tend to slow down but a great deal happens behind the scenes.

PS – I almost never add an update, but my husband the rune-master (aka Dr. P.h.d. in Old Norse Studies) suggested that this combination of runes and cards could also indicate a new scientific breakthrough – either echoing back to the finding of the “God” particle this past week or more likely something Totally Unexpected.  Because he is correct, the energies also fit such a discovery I am going ahead and adding it to this reading. 

The two readings are totally compatible with each other (energy readings are often about more than one issue) and it is also possible the “discovery” if there is one, could be associated with Russia in some way. 


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