Card of the Day – Monday – July 2, 2012

Today‘s card is birth and the rune of the day is Laguz (Water)

This combination is a pretty nice one to start out the week; it suggests a new energy cycle (birth) as well as certain fluidity to events (especially world-wide ones).  This new month/week cycle seems to suggest that the past weekends “down time” was a chance to catch up and take stock right before the river of time started to change course and run more freely again.  Hopefully people did take time to relax and access their situations this past weekend because my gut is telling me that things may pick up again fairly quickly as the week/month moves forward.

While Laguz can also signal that hidden things may be revealed, I think today’s energy is more like that of a flowing stream that starts out as a small spring (Birth) and then flows ever faster as it gets closer to the sea (Laguz is also lake, and the Sea is a very big lake).  Streams and rivers have also been used by many as a way to describe the moving of time, time lines and far-seeing; with the turns of the river hiding some events from view but allowing glimpses of others.

This is way I am seeing Laguz for this week, a sort of time marker that suggests that things may start out slowly; but something “new” (or the new energy) will gradually wind around and start to pick up speed as the month continues.

So, be ready for new and interesting events to unfold, expect the unexpected or things not seen for a long time that are “re-born” in this current cycle and don’t forget the hidden aspects of laguz either.  They may not be the most obvious energy out there today but they have not gone away either, they are just waiting to rise to the surface when the time is right.

Finally, remember that laguz can also bring forth madness if too much is “uncovered” to quickly; so while we may be anxious to see this new energy cycle “born” we want to focus on letting it gradually come to the surface rather than racing in a break-neck speed.  The new elements and issues will get here, give them time to settle in and make adjustments.

This is true on the personal level as well; many people are simply going to encounter new and unexpected issues in their life this week/month (good and bad) but everyone should try to avoid making decisions in haste (when possible) because there are many things/issues/ideas/complications that may like just below the surface.  Do your best to wait for them to manifest before moving forward; when haste is required a little divine guidance (the super-natural side of both Birth and Laguz) may be requested.

Meanwhile a really good day to start a new project, plan a trip or have a baby!

That is your card and rune for today, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day by getting a reading!


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