Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – June 20 – July 1, 2012

(also called Elhaz)

Well, computer is working for typing but will have to go back into the shop next week for a sound problem.  Meanwhile, here is a card of the day weekend edition and I will continue to post cards next week, except when computer is not at home.

Anyway, this weekend’s cards are The Sage (Wisdom, Wisdom from an older/historical perspective) The Cave (with draw from the world, depression) and Mother (maternal energies, mothers, Mother Nature, Mother Goddess).

The rune-stave for this weekend is Elhaz which means “Elk/Moose” but can also be seen either as a Tree or a person lifting their arms towards the heavens either seeking advice or in prayer/connection.

This rare and interesting combination of energies suggest a weekend that is perfect for stepping back, taking a break and seeking both wisdom and nurturing repair (taking time out for yourself for individuals, standing down and doing some serious thinking for Peoples/Tribes/Nations).

The energies are presenting an over-all “pause” point/button on the world and those who are wise will use it as a time for study, meditation and taking care of themselves and their loved ones.

This is a perfect weekend for reading good books, sleeping in, playing with children and seeking Divine Inspiration and Guidance.

There is a very strong pull towards an individual need to connect with a “Higher Power” that may also spill into the public realm.

The darker side of this energy (all energies have both light and dark sides, some just swing more than others) is a tendency to be overly conservative, depressed, smothering or fanatical.

I am feeling a warning towards the Middle East on this last issue, with strong energies that create a temptation for clinging to the “Sages” of the past combined with a refusal to look (out the cave door) to the realities of the present.  This, combined with the Divine Inspiration/Seeking of spiritual connection of the Elhaz rune could spell trouble if fanatical following of ancient dictates over-rules common sense (and that is true on ALL sides of this mess, including Mother Russia).

Instead of reacting in this way, it would be much better to use the same energy towards learning new wisdom and making true connections with the Divine (rather than using the Divine as an excuse for worldly actions).

Time will tell which set of forces win out – meanwhile this is a fantastic weekend for individuals and nations; to step aside and take a break.  Take a vacation or plan one, study for school exams or the “school” of life and make yourself some comfort food to enjoy and reflect on the past, so you can be ready for the future.


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