Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – June 22-24, 2012

Very quick weekend posting today as I’m running out the door…but had to put this up as I think the energies are very important.

This weekends cards are The Wheel (Fate/Karma/Historical cycles), Work (Mundane Jobs, Spiritual Work) and Friendship (Individuals/Tribes/Nations/Treaties/Contacts)

The rune-stave is Tiwaz (Justice/The Law/Just Payment/The Police/Enforcement/Lawyers/Legal Contracts etc)

As a macro reading, I suspect these cards indicates there are historical cycles (and possibly national Karma’s) coming into play in the way things are working (and affecting jobs) that will affect the Friendships among Peoples/Tribes/Nations in a legal and contractual way.

Now Tiwaz could also suggest a way to deal with this historical cycle issue would be to look to the wisdom of the “old” laws and the “old” ways of finding a solution by “bringing the case” to the “Thing” the Old Icelandic once a year meeting where all adult males (women could have advocates) debated and decided the law cases and disputes of the previous year.

Or it could simply be that Justice (aka Karma) is finally catching up with this particular historical cycle and that the amount on that “loan” is coming do.

What ever happens, it is likely to affect both friendship and mundane work…

For individuals, this energy is (as always) there to be used and worked with – so this is a great weekend for looking at your own personal “job” cycle both in the physical and spiritual worlds and reflect on and enjoy your close friendships.

However, be aware that the energy is out there both for legal issues and a tendency for people to judge each other strictly (or even harshly) so while this could be a good weekend to sign a legal contract – be wary of legal issues with family and friends.