Card of the Day – Wednesday – June 20, 2012 – Solstice

A very late and very brief Summer Solstice Reading because life got in the way today, but I wanted to flag this new energy.

The Card is birth (new beginnings, things being born, things coming into the light) and Fehu – Cattle/Wealth/Fertility/Sexuality.

Taken together these suggest a new cycle really is starting (or being born) but some of the same issues are there.  Fehu is literally cattle, but also means wealth and the sexual urges (that which produces a birth).

It can be a fantastic rune, but it can also indicate strife or war over wealth and resources or fighting over sex/relationships.

Probably a good combination for a Summer solstice over all, but energies to pay attention to over the next few days.

Hopefully a longer reading tomorrow (and not two hours before midnight my time either).


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