Card of the Day – Tuesday – June 19, 2012

Today‘s card it The Warrior and the Rune-Stave is Kenaz (Torch/Boil)…

I waited until late in the day to read today (my time) because I felt I need to wait until it “felt” like the “Isa/ice” from yesterday’s reading had broken and when I took a walk about an hour or two ago I felt that it had indeed started to “melt.”

Melting is a very good symbol in this case because Kenaz usually is identified as The Torch (as in a lighted torch made with fire or a boil coming to a head); such a torch is likely to melt the ice in a very quick and messy way; things may not “come to a head” just yet, but they are certainly headed in that direction.

While world-press is making it difficult to link to yesterday’s reading, The Voyage card we had yesterday paired with the rune for Ice, suggested that the “Journey/ship of State/Life path” of the World/Western world was frozen in place for a time.  The energy of yesterday was all about being “stuck” or “suddenly blocked,” it included a power failure in the middle of the reading.  That’s a pretty good description of yesterday and part of today’s energy, until a couple of hours ago.

Now we not only have an indication that things are now lighting up and getting ready to move (blow up may be more like it, I always think of this rune-stave as a side-ways volcano) but we have a possible indicator of the subject of that eruption.

Instead of the expected Money/Fortune/Work cards we get instead THE WARRIOR who is portrayed as a soldier in full battle dress looking outward from the camp ready to take on any threats or enemies that might be thinking of attacking.  While in a defensive posture, he can quickly turn and become offensive – so while I usually read this card as a defending energy (which it is) it can also be a symbol for actual human warfare.

My gut feeling about these card and rune combination is that right now at least rumbles and suggestions of actual War/Battles, will be in the forefront of the news (already are to a degree) and the energies are there for it going from a discussion to a “hot” war very quickly if something happens to “light a match/torch) to the now melted straw.

This doesn’t mean there will be a major outbreak of war, but yesterday’s suggestions of stalled talks and treaties (ice) make it more likely as do today’s images of bursting boils and volcanism.

Of course, there could also be a real volcano or other geological/natural event that takes place; and warfare/warriors can be a symbol for other forms of human activity (like competition in any form including sports); but I’m really feeling a strong pull towards watching the “winds of war,” for the next 48 to 72 hours.

Meanwhile, for individuals, this somewhat wild/building/defensive/offensive energy can be used to combat things in your life that need to be sorted, brought to light and taken care of.

This is a great day for finally taking on an unwanted task or doing deep inner-trance-work.  Just be careful around others as people may be likely to “go-off” a bit more easily than normal and a desire to compete with others (even when not required) is simply going to be in the air.

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