Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Sat/Sun June 16-17,2012

This weekend‘s cards are: The Inquirer, Money and the Sage; the Rune-stave is Raido (riding/travel/journey).

Taken together these cards suggest that this is a very important weekend to use Wisdom when making any decisions about money, including both the managing and the spending of it.

The Inquirer card suggests both that the reading is aimed at individuals (including the Reader) and that this energy is likely to impact people directly.

The cards are not bad in and of themselves, but given this week’s previous readings; I have to say it is not looking good for the European (and possibly North American/World) economic situation at this moment.

Now the good news is the energy for Wisdom (wise counsel/old ways) is there and can be tapped into and individuals are highly encouraged to do this.  I’m not certain that on the macro-level this will happen but it could; or given past readings this week the Sage could represent a decision to go back to the Older/Conservative/Previously tried ways of doing things.  The most likely result of that would be the start of a trend back towards national currencies/nation states and away from the “Beautiful” new ideas we saw earlier in the week.

The raido rune-stave gives hints of travel energy on several levels; in the physical world is suggests that travel may be influenced (in a positive or negative way) by money/wisdom and it also suggests that emotional/physical/spiritual journey of the Inquirer may be strongly affected by what is happening.

I’m also getting a strong sense that the “journey” of the EU/Euro/Nation/State Journey is also going to be very affected by both money/currency and Wisdom (or the lack of it) this coming weekend.

But remember as always that the cards (and runes) read energies around a time period/situation rather than actual events (though we can guess at some of those and sometimes get flashes) so be aware of your personal spending and money issues this weekend but don’t forget to turn on the news either.

Posting is likely to be a bit early or a bit late on Monday as more appointments to take care of, but I’m working on getting back to five days a week.