Card of the Day – Thursday – June 14, 2012

Today’s card is Liberation (breaking out/freedom/escape) and the rune-stave is Kenaz (torch or boil).

Together they indicate that today’s energy is likely to a walk on the wild side with bound things breaking free, light shinning on hidden information and situations coming to a head (and bursting outward like a boil).

While in general the liberation card is usually viewed as a good card, especially in parts of the world that associate Liberation with Freedom (personal and political) it can also be a rather dangerous and uncontrolled force.  Not everything that “breaks out” is a positive; just look at unbridled emotions or germs for examples of this problem.

The reason I’m tending towards at least the “wild side” interpretation of Liberation (in terms of things being let loose) is that Kenaz rune that while it can illuminate, can also provide the torch that lights the fire storm.

When I take this together with yesterday’s reading, I continue to get the sense of big decisions that will have to be (are forced to be made) and today the energies are really pushing for things to break out and come to a head.

That doesn’t mean everything gets solved today, in fact my inner sense tells me they are still in a building pattern; but eventually that boil is going to come right open.  The only question is will it be lanced by human (rational/clinical) intervention or burst forth like a restless volcano with rocks and magma spewing off in all directions?

As always on a personal level these energies can be used to great effect in your own life; today is a good day to enjoy breaking out of old habits and routines, a good day to come to grips with a problem that has been building for sometime, a fantastic day to look for light and direction in your relationships (just back off if things start to get too intense or angry).

Think of todays energy as that of a Summer Storm that starts with that building up of tense, hot air and then burst forth into a liberation of rain, lighting and rushing wind.  It starts often starts out oppressive and confining but in the end is a wild rush of power and awe inspiring light.  Such a storm can be both destructive (lightning strikes, tornadoes) and live giving (rain for crops, lightning for the atmosphere) and most of the time all humans can do is watch, take cover and ride it out.

I think that is pretty good advice for today…and remember you can get your cards and runes read today or any day by getting a reading.

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