Special Report – Cards for the wk of June 4-10, 2012

Hi everyone, due to slight problems with my arm and the fact that I will be traveling most of this week and nowhere near a computer I am doing a special card reading for the most over-riding energies for this coming week and weekend.

This is certainly not all the energies and events that will come into play, but together they do form a complete pattern which I will try to explain below.

First the Cards and Rune are:

The cards for this week are:

The Stranger (New person/element/idea/situation)

The Fool (New start, New Beginning, Start of a Journey/Path) and

The Moon (Hidden things coming to the surface, dreams, the unconscious mind, prophecy, madness).

Daguz is the rune stave, and its direct meaning is the sun at dawn/sunrise/a new dawn/realization beginning etc.

Taken all together these cards and rune stave indicate the most powerful energies this week are for new elements/people/ideas to come into the picture; leading individuals/tribes/nations to start out on a whole new journey.  For some this will be a powerful journey of discovery towards hidden realms, the psychic and the spiritual (the Moon) for others it may be a foolish rush towards destruction (off the cliff) aided and abetted by the “madness/lunacy” that also dwells in the lunar realms.

Finally, the Dagaz rune stave also intensifies the possible “coming to light” of things hidden, including the faces of the “Strangers/Strange/New Forces” who will be an influence for this entire week.

For those using this energy for spiritual path-working the Daguz rune can help bring the power of sunrise to their enlightenment.

For those rushing madly off a cliff and simply reacting to the “mad” forces that seem to open up around them; the Dawn may instead provide the murkiness of twilight – that confusing time when little can be seen clearly because it is no longer night (The Moon) but not yet day (the Sun).