Card of the Day – Tuesday-May 29th, 2012

Today’s card is The Beast and the Rune is Raido (ride/travel) and together they indicate a there may be discord/disagreement or problems related to travel or journeys.

The Beast card usually signifies; deep, raging and angry emotions that erupt from a deep level of frustration, angry, jealousy or fear.  The Raido rune literally means to ride (as in a horse) but usually signifies traveling (physical and spiritual) and transport systems (today that would be anything from horses to spacecraft).

Today is a good day to keep you head down and be aware that the energy is out there for people to have very short fuses and become angry very quickly.  If your co-workers or family become difficult in this way or you find yourself about to explode over small things; step back and remind yourself it isn’t just you, it is the energy of the day.

On a larger scales, in addition to possible headlines about travel disruptions (or even possible disasters) this is a really “bad” day for road rage and related stories.

This does not mean you need to hid under the bed or cancel travel plans, but just be careful and do so with your eyes open.  By knowing that things may be a bit difficult, try to leave for work with a bit of extra time or arrive at the airport early.

I would also look for stories today about problems in the travel industry itself and/or passengers/public becoming unhappy about conditions (including “security” checks, customs issues and other problems/delays.

But for the average person, just try and stay calm even if others around you get too “hot and bothered.”

That’s it for today’s card and rune reading, these will be short for the next couple of weeks while my broken arm improves.

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