Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – April 13-15, 2012

This Weekend’s Cards are: The Cave, The Castle Tower and The Message; the Rune is Thurisaz (Giants/Thorn/Axe).

The Cave card is usually the card for personal withdrawing (stepping away from a situation), Depression (both mental and economic) and hiding.  It is usually a “Blue” Card (as in having the blue’s or blahs) but it has a positive aspect in that sometimes a strategic retreat is the right move to make, at least until the current crises blows over.

However, this can also be simply a stress reaction to, to many things hitting a person/tribe/nation all at once and causing everyone to just want to go hide out in their cave.  When that happens, important issues can be ignored or missed until they get totally out of hand.

The Castle Tower card is NOT the Tower of Destruction found in most Tarot Decks; instead it is the Mighty Fortress on the Hill, a protected place of high walls and strong defenses.  A quick look at the cards will show the one problem with this card: there is no door or drawbridge that we can see.

Hopefully they are just out of view, but this picture cautions us not to build defenses so strong that we trap ourselves within them.  In this, the card is a mirror to the Cave card because both the Cave and the Castle can be either places of refuge or places of self-imprisonment; it just depends on how they are employed (and the viewpoint of the person(s) dwelling in them).

The Message Card is usually a signifier of the cards that went before it as in: This IS The MESSAGE – pay attention.

The Thurisaz rune is rather “prickly” rune, which in the Anglo-Saxon rune staves was even referred to as “The Thorn.”

The most common translation is “Giants,” (or primordial and powerful forces) some of whom like human beings as a species, but most either could care less about them or are actively hostile to them.

Such “personifications” of Giants as tornadoes, rock slides, ice storms and volcanoes are good examples of this – a volcano does not hate people, it just isn’t involved with humans at all; it can however destroy humans in an eruption or supply them with rich volcanic soil for agriculture.  In reality it probably does some of both, being neither good or bad in and of itself, it provides both bounty and terror at different times.

There are also some painful sexual over-tones to this rune, again it its more “prickly” aspects, an ancient poem refers to the “sorrow of women” when it is present.

I almost always get a picture in my mind of a thorn-bush about to intercept a child’s balloon when I see Thurisaz, and I always wonder whose bubble is about to be “popped?”

Taken together, this reading suggests that this weekend the world/western world’s energy is going to be in lock down and hide mode.

This could be caused by a number of factors, an actual economic Depression (Cave) could cause people/nations to consider tariffs or other means to isolated themselves from other nations (this could include internal moves within the EU as well).

There could be a sense of external threat (war, disruptions) that suggests a clamoring for building mightier fortresses or military protection.

There may be frightening weather issues like wild winds, or storms that cause people to need to take cover (hide below ground) or Earthquakes that cause people to want to hide themselves from the shocks (or solar flares etc).

My strongest sense is that this is either economic or a realization that individuals need protection from fallout/issues from Japan and elsewhere.  It is very likely some of both, with the moves towards economic protectionism being a large chunk of the energy.

There will be a sort of collective move to protect one’s “own” family/tribe/nation as opposed to a desire to help everyone (or the planet as a whole).  This is because of the feeling of “threat” and “gloom” that is sinking into a lot of people and places. 

While things are not nearly as hopeless as they make at the moment, the energy is there this weekend to see the worst and run away!

For individuals, this provides a weekend when home-based activities are best and home-improvement projects (shoring up your castle) is likely to be rewarded.

Just try to avoid letting your Man/Women Cave become a trap instead of a place to recharge your batteries.  Remember to leave some doors and drawbridges in your personal wards, so that others who love you can come and visit.  Don’t forget to look out the widows and the mouth of the cave once in a while, because you may really need to know what is going outside your own personal realm.

This weekend really is a time period for “passive” energies, with the exception of putting up wards and shoring up defenses (or repairing your roof) it is not a good time for active or outward focused activities.

A really good day for inner-spiritual work if you don’t get too self-focused to the point of despair, if you feel that coming on stop meditation and move into doing something material that re-connects you with the world.

This is a good weekend for taking care of the home front, your family and yourself. 

That is your cards and rune for the weekend, remember you can get your cards and runes read today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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