Card of the Day – Thursday – April 12, 2010

Today’s Card is The Stars and the Rune is Daguz (Dawn/Sun at Dawn) and this combination continues to indicate a rather strong change in energy direction that started to occur in the middle of this week.

The Stars Card (in this deck) usually refers to the making of connections, you can see the lines forming between the constellations when things that seem random start to make sense.  They can also represent dreams in the making “reaching for the stars” and going after goals that may seem beyond our reach; but in reality may be obtainable if we work hard enough.

Daguz (dawn) is literally the rune of the sunrise, when light dawns on situations and they start to make sense.  Once again the card and the rune are very well matched in these aspects, which causes me to read these as the most likely aspects of both today.  Daguz can also mean a new Beginning (like yesterday’s Fool Card) but unlike the Fool for whom each new experience is taken at face value with no previous evaluation; the Daguz rune-stave is a New Start. But this new start is one with the history of the Night behind it.  It is also a Cycle (like yesterday’s Jera Rune) except that the cycle of Jera is The Harvest (the Wheel of the Year) but the Daguz Rune is that of Night and Day.

I should also point out, that some Astronomers like John Hogue have written about the “Great” Cycles of the “Cosmic Night” and the “Cosmic Day” periods of time that can affect the world in various ways;  and that we (the Earth) has recently gone from a Cosmic Day to a Cosmic Night cycle.  This may affect the way that certain “night energies” like the Stars, The Moon and even the Sun at Dawn affect the waking world of normal daylight.  Because while the physical cycles of day and night continue; they are being influenced heavily in a psychic sense by the astrology of the night and the pull of the distant stars.

In any event, the most likely energies affected by this particular reading will be a continuations of:

Connections Made/Secrets Revealed/Light Dawning/New Day/New Energy

In macro world/western world terms this means that the news today is likely to have stories of hidden issues uncovered or exposed ones making sense; issues that seem to be separate turning out to be combined in unusual or previously unrecognized ways.

The zigzagging Earth Quakes in the Ring of Fire may be an example of this sort of energy in literal motion upon the Earth itself.

New breakthroughs (dawn/connections) are likely during the time period, in Science and other areas.  Stories about astronomy and space are highly likely.

And lets not forget North Korea’s attempts at a putting a satellite in orbit (reaching for the stars) or perhaps even a rocket for a nuclear device (little sun/dawn/radiation).

Neither card, nor rune-stave tell us if any or all of these actions/news/discoveries are positive or negative; simply that they are likely to happen and that they may start to make sense with more people understanding the connections between them than ever before.  These connections may be about anything from totally “cosmic” events (literal or spiritual) to the most mundane and ordinary.

So, this is a great day for scientific breakthroughs (especially in astronomy, Solar or geological areas), a wonderful day for starting new projects or re-evaluating existing ones.  A good day for doing cross-word puzzles, solving spy stories and other mysteries, watching a sunrise, meditation at dawn (or sunset), studying the “unseen/twilight/between” worlds of the spirit, shamanic journeys, space flight, sun spots and just taking time to think over your live and your connections with others.

A good day to look at your goals and ask yourself if you are reaching high enough or have become stuck so far in the every-day that you are missing the “stars for the trees?”

Once again (like yesterday) a day of action and outward focus but a mostly individual one, again don’t ignore your family and friends today as they are important connections.  But your main mental focus is probably going to be on you more personal and individual relationship with the cosmos; rather than your place in the social structure.

And that’s just fine, because the energies always swing back and forth between each other focusing on one aspect for a time and then swinging back towards another; soon the cards of friendship and family will return; but for now don’t forget to pay some attention to them, but it is OK to focus beyond them for a bit as the energies are pushing for that today.

That is your card and rune for today, remember you can get your card and rune today or any day by getting a reading.

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