Card of the Day – Wednesday – April 11, 2012

Today’s Card is The Fool (starting over, new beginnings) and the rune is Jera (Harvests/Cycles/The Turning Year) – taken together they make for a pretty straight forward reading, especially compared to the very complicated ones we have experienced over the last few days.

Simply put, the most common meaning of the Fool Card is a fresh start or new beginning. 

It suggests the start of a New Energy Cycle or at least a new way of looking at an old one.

The Fool as a figure in only “foolish” in that he is young an inexperienced; he often is so busy listening to his own inner “music” that he likely to walk into a tree or right off a cliff; on the other hand he may discover the answers to the universe.  But whatever happens, he is not one for pre-planning as he doesn’t know how to do that yet, but he is great at accepting experiences as they come, although sooner or later an “experience” may be a lot more than he was ready for.

Unable to think ahead, he does not such negative experiences  coming either – so The Fool combines the wonder of the Young Child with the immaturity of the Adolescent.

The Jera – Rune Stave – represents the “harvest” or the turning of the year; it is very much The Rune of CYCLES.

Some Rune Readers even see hints of the Ying/Yang concept in this rune, which while Chinese in concept; also fits this energy.  But most importantly in this reading it suggests that not only is something new coming into the picture (the Fool) but it really is bringing in a new cycle (Jera).

The other thing that Jera suggests very strongly is that the “New” Cycle is the “harvest” being reaped for an older cycle. 

So while the coming energy cycle may be “new” in some aspects, its consequences and manifestations were largely determined by seeds sown in past cycles. 

What we don’t know yet, in a reading this small is what the exact nature of either cycle is.  But we do know that the energies are changing (as of the last few hours) and that what happens next is happening probably without a lot of planning and as a direct result of things that took place in the past.

Depending on the harvest, this could be really good news or wildly disturbing news; depending on just what direction the Fool ends up going.

Now, for individuals, this can be another fantastic energy day because while you are now aware of the sort of headlong-blind energies that may be running off a cliff above your head; on your own level you can use this New Start energy to re-start yourself. 

A great day for new projects, planning journeys, meditations, learning new skills, planting gardens and farming, getting outdoors, taking long walks or doing up a family tree.  It is much more of a personally centered day than a group one; for while the energy is active, the Fool is usually one who walks alone, except sometimes for a pet.  This doesn’t mean you avoid people today, just that it is a day more for personal explorations than group activities. 

So, that’s your card and rune for today, stayed tuned for the rest of the week to see what new directions the cards decide to take us!

Meanwhile remember you can get your personal cards or runes today or any day by getting a reading.

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