Card of the Day – Tuesday April 10, 2012

Well today’s card is Fortune and the rune of the day is Gebo (Gift/Marriage/Union) and both of these symbols not only go together very well, but they return us back to the economic themes that were so strong in these readings until recently.

The Card Fortune, indicates the making (or gathering) of fortunes both material and spiritual, it is not just the existence of wealth (either material or spiritual) but also the seeking of it. 

The man on the card carries a lantern that he carries up a long, winding stair case which has a treasure at the top.  To find the treasure, he has to keep going forward, even when the steps are winding backwards, he stops at any point (or reverses his steps) the “fortune/treasure” will be lost.

Gebo – is the rune for gifts and marriages, in fact the modern marriage rune in several Northern Languages comes from it.  Not in modern times (in the West) we view marriage as a partnership between two people who love each other who “contract” to spend their lives together.

In the past, especially in the Norse, Marriage was as much about the linking of two extended families as it was two people.  It was a contact between farmsteads, tribes or even nations; linking their people and lands together with extensive and often complicated contracts deciding what goods went where and belonged to whom.  These contracts even had a very modern twist in terms of being ready for anything; before the conversion to Christianity, the Old Norse Marriage Contact even provided for who got what in a divorce (which either sex could initiate).

The same was true of “Gifts” in the Viking World, and while a marriage partner my be “gifted” from one clan to another with all sorts of spelled out terms between the clans involved, a gift also usually brought with it an informal understanding that a contract was also being made.  But offering the gift a social contract was suggested and by accepting a gift (and usually offering another in return) a social contract could also be sealed.

There were also important “gift” given to the Gods, often of high value like swords (worth as much as a family car today and a source of protection and employment) farm produce or even the human lives of prisoners (very hard to walk POW’s home from Sweden to Norway during the Winter).

So there is also a sacrifice theme in Gabo, with marriage itself sometimes being a “sacrifice” of sorts when a young Norse noble women might be married to an enemy clansmen to end a war – such women were call “Frith-weavers” Frith being a word for peace and weaving being the bringing together the strands of the families and clans to make a new “garment.”

OK, so that’s the card description and history lesson but what does it mean?

It means today is a day when Treasure (especially “Great Fortunes) and Contracts are going to be shoved to the energy forefront. 

While this can be spiritual contracts and fortunes (such as person/nations relationship with the Divine) I’m not sensing this much, at least on a macro scale.  Rather I think that today there are going to be huge issues (and probably press stories) about Money, Stocks, Contracts, Corporations (which are built on contracts) and the Making/Breaking of Great Fortunes (personal and national).

There may also be news stories about public figures whose marriages either bring together fortunes or whose separations threaten/alter them.  That is the sort of almost “silly” store stuff you can expect this sort of energy to bring out in the news, along with lottery winners, horses races, Guru’s (spiritual quests) and even gossip about high-profile marriages.

There is also a feeling that the economic situation may affect marriage in some way and/or the family – that is not big surprise as bad economic news often does affect the personal decision of people when it comes to marriage and marriage like contracts.

I’m feeling another pull towards the EU here, especially in light of the Gebo rune and its Union/Marriage/Contract themes.  While the Card Fortune is neither good nor bad (because Fortunes can be made or lost) in the case of the EU I would suspect that the entire “Fortunes” of the EU and the “Contract/marriage” between the various EU Countries is at least at issue today.  Again, expect news stories and such coming out about this.

Now for individuals, both of these symbols can indicate a fantastic day if the energy is used wisely, though there is a warning also to be careful about anything dealing with Money or Contracted Relationships. 

The energies themselves are there for either great achievements (fortunes won/contracts signed/gift exchanged) but also great failures  or complications (fortunes lost/unhelpful contracts/gifts with strings).

So a good day to look at property or sign on a home; but make sure you know exactly what you are signing.  If you are playing the lottery, have fun but don’t bet the store either; the energy is good but the results may not be quite what you expect.  A great day to exchange gifts with someone you love or celebrate a birth day, wedding or anniversary party. 

Keep in mind that marriages still cement families today, in a similar way that they did 1,000 years ago; it is just that now we are not always so aware of the many ties that are being bound.  The fact that we are now able to choose for ourselves who we wish to link our fortunes too, rather than have our families decide for us, simply means that we need to practice greater personal responsibility in the choices that we make; though hopefully we may often experience greater rewards when we choose wisely.

That’s you card and rune for today, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day, by getting a reading.

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