Card of the Day – Monday – April 9, 2012


In answer to today’s question: What is the most important energy for today (and going into this week) I got:

In answer to the question: What topic/energy/situation is the Death card referencing (telling us about) and I got:

I then put that card back in the deck and ask for qualifier cards that would give us more information about what The Beauty might be, including a chance for the deck to give us the same card.  Instead, I received these two cards:

The Rune for today is Othala (Inherited lands/inheritance/homeland)

To say that today’s reading, when taken with many of the other readings over the last few weeks, including the one for this past weekend; is somewhat unnerving; is an understatement.

While it is never a good idea to risk over-reacting to a card reading, especially a macro-world over-all energy reading, there are also times when the cards are practically screaming a message they want us to understand and I think this is one of those time.

First, a very quick review of the cards themselves:

Death Card: usually means a final ending of something, end of a cycle or situation but can also be physical death.

Beauty: That which is beautiful, can also be vanity or emerging sexual awareness (the young women realizes she is attractive by seeing herself in the window).  Can also be female energies, especially for young women and expanding a person’s horizons or understanding.

Now: A time signifier, this card indicates that a situation is “happening now” or is ongoing (or about to start).  It can also be a “harvest card” as seen in the picture, or what seeds have been planted in the past are now being harvested.

Mother: Physical Mothers, nurturing energies, Mother Goddess, Mother Earth, Protection, Smothering, Nagging, Assisting (everything mother’s do or over-see) A maternal/female guide/energy, a women who acts in a material fashion (auntie).

Othala: This Rune Stave is usually about inheritance/inherited lands/the homeland.  In some past readings it has seemed to refer to Germany (this was a favorite rune of German nationalists of all stripes for about 100 years) but I don’t think it has that meaning here.  Rather HOMELAND and INHERITANCE are what is important and/or the idea of Passing one’s legacy down the family line.

So what we seem to have here, and remember this is a macro-energy reading, not a personal reading for any particular person is:

Death of/concerning/for The  Beauty – Happening Now-The Mother and The Beauty’s/The Mother’s Inheritance are affected.

When taken with the past readings that have been hinting for weeks/months off and on about some possible threat to Mothers (less often Fathers) and human fertility/sexuality, this reading seems both clear and serious.

It is now telling us that not only is there some threat (potential ending/death) to the current cycle of human life, but that the very inheritance of the species could be at risk.

Now, this reading could also refer to a Death (ending) of a Homeland – especially nations (like Russia) or even US States (like California) that have a female identification: Mother Russia, Califia (Goddess of California).

There is also an obvious possible threat to Death/Beauty/Now/MOTHER EARTH/Our Inherited land/Our Inheritance that must be mentioned.

I don’t like this last reading any more than I like the first one; but the cards could be talking about either or all of these; again as these are ENERGIES that make things likely, rather than exact events. 

Although this particular topic keeps coming up so often, that I believe the cards are suggesting there is some important event/events they are trying to tip us off to.

Which also suggests there is something that People/Tribes/Nations/Humanity can do about it or at least react in a counter-balancing fashion.  There is no point in continually pointing out a problem that has no practical solution, even if that solution is somewhat unlikely or requires great courage to face change.

So, this is the cosmic part of your reading for today (and this week) – look for stories in the news about fertility, sexuality, mothers;  also homelands/wars/threats; and finally The Earth/Earth Changes (volcanoes/earthquakes etc) pollution, climate, etc.

There may also  be an excess number of fluffy” stories around Motherhood, inherited wealth, sudden loss of wealth etc.

Although the “Death” of  inheritance (loss of homeland or property) could be very serious for some people (or even nations).

Finally, this could also be seen as a threat to Mothers (families with children) and to the “Beautiful” way of life the last century of prosperity, invention and wealth have (mostly) given the Western World for the last century or so. 

Looking at the sudden collapse of civil and personal lives in Greece (which is looking more like the aftermath of the fall of Soviet Russia every day) it is easy to see how quickly such things can fall apart.

I’m not saying that any of this WILL, happen; only that the energies are there that indicate it COULD happen. 

The fertility/sexuality/reproduction threat especially just keeps rolling back like a bad penny; and my hope is that someone will soon figure out what this is and take steps to counter-act it.  But the problem has to be understood and admitted, before solutions can be found and begin to take hold.

Finally on a personal level, for individuals these cards are not nearly so dire as they seem to portend for the world/over-all energy situation in general.

Yes, today (this week) will be time when a lot of issues may reach a conclusion (death) but that can be a good thing.  Remember that while this is a time when Beauty is under treat, it is also a time when Beauty as a single energy is important and can be made manifest.

Therefore this is a great time to celebrate and create beautiful things from a lovely dinner to planting a tree; anything that creates more beauty in your life and the lives of others will help push the positive aspects of Beauty forward.

Mothers can also often needs some support and pampering to have the energy to flow with their “good side” so help out where you can both in the micro-world of your own family and the macro world of the Earth Herself.

Finally, this is a great day to meditate on your spiritual as well as your material inheritance.  A good day for those with “the Sight” or other family “gifts” use them wisely and they can help navigate this rather difficult time period.

Do not be afraid to let go of things that are over this week, but also be sure to foster and develop that which is caring and hopeful.

This week may be somewhat of a challenge, but Beauty and Nurturing Energy can help it pass more smoothly, than it might otherwise.

That’s your cards and rune for today, remember you can get your cards or runes, today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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