Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – April 6 – 8, 2012

This weekend’s Cards are: The Moon, The Scales and The Libido and the rune is Pethro (Dice Cup/Fate).

Now I’m going to review the general symbolism of these cards and follow-up on what I think they are most likely referring to on a world-wide/energy reading.  They may also concern or single other world/western world issues as well; but there is an obvious one I’ll get to in a moment.

But First,

The Moon Card: This is the card for the Moon which is a female power in the deck (but Male in the Norse cosmology).  It is a very good card for full moon period (about three days on either side) but in addition to the Moon Phase, it also tends to indicate: unseen forces, something hidden, something rising up from the depth/sea, the Unconscious Mind, Dreams, Spiritual Awakening, The Feminine Energies.

The Scales: Pretty much The Judgment Card in a more standard Tarot deck, when this card shows up in a private reading it tends to indicate a large and important decision that has yet to be made; usually one the client has little or no control over.  It can also suggest that something “hangs in the balance,” just waiting for the next apple to drop and tip over the scales.

The Libido Card: This is the card of human sexuality, fertility, life force and display.  In addition to sexual passion, it also celebrates the vibrant colors of life as displayed by the male peacocks on the card.  The card also has images of some of the more dangerous possible side effects of passion, the males may be either about to dance or to fight each other for the female who is not in the picture; meanwhile a snake (temptation/outside force) slithers through the garden beside them.

The Pethro Rune: It is usually translated Dice Cup and is associated with the Norse concept of Wyrd or Fate.  Like the Wheel of Fortune in a Tarot deck it means the wheels of fate are being turned, or in this case tossed and no one know for sure what the outcome will be until the finish rolling.

When taken together with the Scales Card, it looks like a world-altering or very fateful decision is about to be made; one that is both fated and will put in motion other things that will become fated from that point onward.

So, that’s our review of energies; now taken with yesterday’s cards; and many of the readings off and on for the last several weeks; I think these cards are once again reference the Threat to Human Fertility/Sexuality/Parenthood theme that keeps rolling up like loaded dice

I don’t think that is all this reading is about, because there are also other forces hidden (ready to come out of the depths) that could “tip the scales” on “life/life force” or even sexuality than just radiation/sun issues.  But because of the repeated nature of these warnings, I can only accept that even if I don’t totally pretend to understand all of the ramifications; it is becoming pretty obvious that the cards are warning about some sort of threat to the future of mankind, especially the future of their own genetic line as a species. 

While there is no obvious solar/radiation (little sun) link in this reading; a quick skim of previous weeks will show that it is often there when the same issue comes up.  Now, it could be more than this (I think it is) because I keep getting the impression of “coming up from the depths of the sea/darkness” which while the radiation from Japan and/or the BP Oil Spill are the most obvious; there are plenty of other problems; including volcanoes which bring things up from below and may be above or below the actual ocean.

There are also chemicals and potential illnesses that could affect human genetics/sexuality/breeding and both the dice-cup and the scales suggest the issues may not totally be decided yet.  This is however, another reason I’m going for the multiple threat theory because it does seem that while the message of the threat keeps occurring over and over again; the exact means or nature of the threat is hinted at (radiation/chemicals/illness/warfare/danger “from above”/social collapse etc) the pattern still is not clear enough to know exactly what the most powerful threat is.

That may simply be because there are so many threats, that it is difficult to single one out until it is right on top of things.

But this weekend we are getting this message in a very powerful way, so I would look for “hidden” information to start leaking out again about this situation.  The Full Moon is not as bright as the daylight, but it often exposes thing flashing in the darkness that were hidden before.

So this weekend pay special attention to that which is not obvious, especially news stories about humans as a species and possible threats to fertility or reproduction.  Also, these energies are likely to produce more main stream stories about matters if Justice (especially the US Supreme Court which may already have a “hidden” ruling that will affect a great many people; stories about sexuality (including the birth control debate) and infertility/fertility in general.

The Dice Cup and the Scales also provide perfect energy for a weekend when things may seem to turn over on their heads; with conditions/events moving along in one direction when something just picked them up and whirls them off in a new one.

Again, think of both flipping scales and rolling dice when you look into the weekend and on a personal level be prepared for anything.

Because, this is the weekend when unforeseen circumstances are very likely to rise up and suddenly force a chance of plans or intentions.  

Family life and romance are likely to be two areas most affected; travel could be as well, but that is a much more minor issue in terms of this reading.  Rather it is more major of life’s cycle that could be due for a sudden change of path, than a simply Holiday Dinner with loved ones (important as that can be).

So watch out for the unexpected, but if this happens, just try to wait it out and don’t react until you know where the dice cup has landed.  Then you can see add up your score and go on forward towards you next point in your life path.

Meanwhile, remember that you can get personal advice and information on your own personal life path, by getting a personal card and rune reading.

For more information on ordering a reading, click here!

Meanwhile, have a great weekend and see everyone back here on Monday for the next update.


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