Card of the Day – Thursday – April 5, 2012

Today‘s card is The Body and the Rune of the Day is Berkano (Birch Tree/Birth).

This is a very “physical” combination and suggests that the main energy focus for the next couple of days is likely to concern the  events in the material world itself; especially those related to human health and Birthing.

Berkano also has associations with the “Mother Goddess” and/or “Mother Earth” herself – so one way to read this is:

The current world-wide/western world energy theme concerns human health and the health of  Mother Earth.


The current world-wide/western world energy theme concerns human health/material existence and birth/fertility.

There is probably some of both today; though I have to point out that this recurrent human fertility/health/birthing issue just keeps coming up again and again. This time we have neither the Mother or the Father card as part of the reading, but we have a partly exposed human body instead.  But the messages implications seem to be similar, only this time the whole world is suggested to be affected in some way as well or at least a “concern” for the “health/body” of “Mother Earth/The Mother” seems indicated.

The other energy this reading really highlights is anything physical and material and while Berkano itself has spiritual aspects; the reading as a whole suggests a day where physical rather than spiritual or mental issues are at the core of things.  For some people this likely concerns the simple tasks of staying alive and staying healthy; for others it is a much more complicated and complex dance between personal physical needs and giving birth (being creative) to new ideas and art forms.

But what ever else it may be, today is a day to stay focused in this world and concentrating on what may be coming into being here (birth) rather than trying for drastic or intense spiritual journeys or even mental gymnastics. 

A good day for “physical” forms of meditation such as walking outside, swimming in patterns or yoga.  This is not the best day for trance work or other really inwardly focused forms of psychic work; it would be a great day though for a house warding, cleansing or the start of a new project.  The Birth energy is there to help manifest things into the physical realm, so a good day to go forth and start manifesting.

Just pay attention if you develop symptoms of any sort of health problem and be sure to take care of yourself and see a doctor if you need to.  This day also has the energy for possible health issues, which can include healing as well as illness itself.

Otherwise a good day for physical exercise and fresh air…

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