Card of the Day – Monday – April 2, 2012

Today’s first card is The Scales, which usually suggests that something is being judged or decided,; so I asked a second question:

“What topic are the Scales concerned about?”

The answer to that question drew the card: Mother 

The runes for today were stuck together and so are both being used in this reading, they are Ehwaz (Horses) and Uruz (Prehistoric Wild Cattle)

This is a very interesting reading and suggests a return of focus to a situation that has shown up occasionally in these blog readings and also in private readings on various forums and personal readings as well.

That is the topic of Mothers/Fertility that is being “held in the balance” or “judged” or “weighed.” 

In general when the Scales card comes up in a private reading, it indicates a decision which is beyond the power of the client to make.  They may have an influence on it, they can react to it and the decision will affect them in some way; but they are NOT the maker of the decision.  This card can also represent “Judgment” when reading for a court case, divorce or conflict situation.  I think there is a some of all of these things in this reading and this is why.

For months now, we keep getting hints that there is some sort of threat to Mothers and children/fertility and sometimes even Fathers as well.

My inner-sense has been telling me that something is very wrong here and that while this problem is slow, it is gradually building up.  Now there are a lot of possible reasons for this to be a very strong energy for the world/western world; anything from chemicals leached from plastic to solar flares.

But, the strongest threat I have been feeling for the current time period is solar/nuclear (nuclear being the “little sun”) radiation or side effects; which can come from a number of sources but right now seem to continue to be coming from Japan.

I’m not the first person to wonder about this, but a skimming of the last few months readings here will show this thread, bobbing up and down in the energy readings and now it is back once more.  This indicates that the situation is very important and is likely to receive more focus in the coming week (not just the nuclear accident, but probably the problems with human fertility in general). 

There are, of course, other threats to Mothers and Children and that shows up in the rune-staves.  Ehwaz, the horse rune-stave, usually symbolizes partnerships and working together; and I think in this case it is a number of issues “working together” that really cause the problem.  There is also hope in this rune that by “working together” or forming “partnerships” there may be some ways to combat the problem.

But then we have Uruz, the ancient wild cattle rune; which is associated with Ice and Ice ages, because in Norse Mythic Cycles the world begins when the great ancient cow licks the ice and starts things melting.  So, while this rune is often associated with Strength/Strong, it is also associated with “Ice Melting” or the strength to allow a situation that has been stuck to slowly “melt” and start moving forward.  Slow change in other words, but changes none the less.

This suggests to me that the problem is not hopeless, although the very slowness of the problem makes it difficult to follow, process and confront.  The really good news is the Scales indicate the situation isn’t totally decied or fixed yet (on any level) so there is still time to prevent an unhappy out come.

Hopefully there is time to prevent or reverse any of the three major threats I am picking up towards Mothers and Children: Radiation, War and Hunger/Economic collapse – working in partnership with others and slowly gaining the strength to push things over into a new path.

For individuals, this is actually a pretty good day again; there is a lot of decision energy out there, much of which you can’t control.  So if you have a feeling that “shoe is about to drop” remind yourself it is just the “energy of the Day.”  It makes things more likely to happen, but they can be good things as well as disturbing ones; a raise a work, good news about an exam or permission granted for a desired project are all as possible today as negative outcomes.

Maternal energy is especially high lighted today, so a great day for anyone working in the helping fields including nurses, teachers, house-wives and mothers.

Partnerships or all sorts are also likely to form and flow better today, including working-relationships, psychic connections and romantic partnerships.

Ancient patterns (Ice Age)/Conservative patterns may be more in the lead today, rather than more liberal – “free-flowing” – news and thoughts.

But as the ice melts, things will hopefully free up a bit over the next few days, and right now we can all call on the strength of the Great Cattle of the Ice Age to get through the first, long day of the working week.

That’s your cards and runes for today, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day by ordering a personal reading.

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