Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – March 30 – April 31, 2012

This weekend’s cards are: The Sun, The Mother and The Voyage; while the rune-stave is wunjo (joy/clan banner).

A quick break down of the cards shows us:

The Sun: Daylight shines on a situation, Warmth, Light, heat, celebration, harvests, but can also be drought, solar flares, distraction, glare.

Mother: Actual Mothers, Maternal energy, A Maternal Figure, Mother Earth, Mother Goddess, Protection, Over-protection, Teaching, Dictating – in other-words things that Mother’s do or energies and beings they represent (can sometimes be “The Motherland” for countries with a female identification like Russia or Britannia).

The Voyage – An actual trip or journey in the physical world, a spiritual journey, a trance/shamanic journey, astral travel, daydreams, life paths, “the ship-of-state,” water voyages, Navies, Navel Vessels, Navel warfare – anything to do with ships and traveling.

The rune-stave Wunjo is a bit complex, it is usually translated Joy and is often a very positive marker in a reading.  It can also mean the family clan/banner and sometimes battle banner.  The Old Norse often found “joy” in “battles” so it can not always be assumed that joy will take place in a modern context.  But most of the time this is a great marker and means that something joyful is happening, very likely for the family/tribe/clan/nation.

Taken together this is a very interesting reading, and even after meditating on the cards for a few minutes I’m not totally sure I’m getting all the angles here.  So, if the reading means something different to your personally, that is just fine; in fact one thing I love about this card deck is that it is so easy for people to find their own meanings in it.

Also, remember we are reading energies that make things likely, not usually concrete events.  Sometimes I feel a psychic draw towards a certain event or I make educated guesses about them, but ultimately the best Oracle is YOU and your own inner guidance.

So, that said; on the surface this looks like a very positive reading and I think in some ways it is.  We have the Sun Shinning both on dancing young people and Mothers with Children.  Perhaps a Bright and Sunny day for a new Voyage too; there seems to be Joy and Life in the air this weekend, so a great weekend for a short vacation or to plan your Summer ones.  A good weekend for outdoor activities and spending time with children.

That’s the good part, for individuals a potentially fantastic time but I’m not so sure on the macro/world/western world energy front.

The energy is certainly there for harvests, nurturing, moving forward and joy; but there is an undercurrent of Sun as (Desert Sun/Solar Strike), Mother as Motherland/homeland, Ships and Navy/Naval vessels united with the Clan Banner/Battle Flag. 

I hope this undercurrent is wrong (or stays below the surface) because I’m feeling there are certainly implications that there are possible issues with the Sun itself (perhaps affecting Mother Earth and Travel); as well as energies towards wars/battles/Naval incidents in “Sunny” lands. 

As often happens with weekend energies, especially towards the end of a month; I’m feeling that this reading may not be just for this weekend, although that is when these energies may be strongest; but are likely to set the tone for the next few weeks (two at least).

Which is a good thing for the positive aspects of the energies and also suggests that we are coming out of a period of very inward and often static energy to a more outward focused and active energy pattern again.  This looks like a time when things will start to happen again, perhaps a relief to some after this weeks mostly calm/stagnant/inner focused energy.

Time to come out Monday and Thursday’s Cave cards, into the light of the sun and the embrace of the open earth.  Time to start moving, planning and journeying again both in the physical and spiritual realms. For this weekend is not a time to hide under the covers but a time to get out and star taking positive actions and making forward-looking decisions.

A great weekend for hiking in the woods, taking a fishing trip, active sports, laughing with children, visiting with friends and generally getting yourself “out there!”

That’s your cards and rune for this weekend, remember  you can get  your cards and runes read today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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