Card of the Day – Thursday – March 29, 2012

Today’s Card is The Message and the qualifier card is The Cave; the Rune of the Day is Ingwaz (Seed/the Harvest God Freyr).

This is one of the those occasional days where the rune stave actually modifies the card reading in a potentially more positive way.  That’s because while the Cave Card usually denotes withdrawal, depression, hiding, going underground; a seed must be planted underground to grow.  So while I do think there are some negative and warning aspects in today’s World/Western World energy reading, I wanted to point out this positive connection (or hope) right at the start.

The Message Card, in a personal reading, usually flags the previous and falling cards as “this is the message, listen up!” Because by itself, it is almost impossible to understand, I always pull a qualifier card or rune set while asking the question:

“What is  the Nature, Concern or Meaning of the Message?”

Today, we got the Cave Card, which suggests to me that on a very profound level there is going to be a huge urging on people just to hide and want to make things go away today.

That isn’t always a bad thing, when there is simply too much overwhelming stuff going on, retreating to a place of safety can be a good idea.  The danger is getting stuck there and not noticing something that may be happening right out side the door that really needs to be paid attention to.  Then, there is the danger of Depression which is the other meaning of this card, which spending too long huddled alone under blankets can turn into.

When this card showed up on Monday, it sort of set the theme for a withdrawn and depressing/subdued/distracted news week and so it has proven to be.  There are a number of very serious stories right below the surface, but the stock markets and other public economic information is rather steady and boring for the average person this week.

Behind the scenes the MF Global situation still looks to be turning into the Watergate for the this generation, but like Watergate it is also starting out very slowly as a mainstream story; but I predict it will soon become a lot better know if not absolutely infamous as time goes on.

Meanwhile, the other major reading of the Cave Card, especially in a Macro Reading is in face Depression but in an economic/public arena, rather than private.

In addition to the a mass public tendency to hide from facts (or have them hidden from them) this card with the MESSAGE card as the main feature of the reading suggests that ECONOMIC and POLITICAL Depression are a major coming attraction and probably set to get worse before they get better.

Why do I say that, because of the rune-stave Ingwaz; Ingwaz is the seed that is planted, and while the hope of the seed is planted so the harvest can grow; I think right now the seeds of a much worse Depression (or need for caves) is being planted.

There may be hints of bomb shelters/caves as hiding places in this reading as well, but that feels more long-term and further off. 

However, when taken with yesterday’s Homeland/Israel combination the “bomb shelter/planting of underground seeds” can not be ignored either (nor with Iran).  Also, the yesterday’s Othala rune stave of inherited lands, combines with today’s seed rune for a sense of Planting the Family “Farm” aka land/nation/national inheritance.

Finally yesterday and today’s reading also points to similar issues, especially in Europe, for the German/EU/Homeland plus Cave planting the seeds for economic/political Depression here as well.

But, seeds can grow to be healthy food crops or result in famines depending on how they are tended, watched and the weather.  This suggests there are still choices that could create “Seeds of Change,” rather than “Seed of Depression” if there is the will to do so.

As always, individuals can work with these energies in positive ways and the seed rune makes this much easier on a personal level to visualize the cave as the dark, womb-like ground where the budding seed is nurtured before it can grow.

So while this is a day focused on mainly inward and inactive energies, it is also a wonderful day for planting seeds by physical and spiritual.  Starting a garden in your home or in you mind, is a great way to spend time today; as is inner-focused activities like reading a book or staying in with family and friends for the evening.

That’s your cards and rune of the day, remember you can get your cards and runes read today and every day by getting a private reading.

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