Card of the Day – Wednesday – March 28, 2012

Today’s card is The Puzzle and the Rune is Othala (Inheritance, Inherited lands, The family Line).

The Puzzle usually symbolizes a decision that MUST be made, there are two doors and one must be selected.  In a private reading, it usually means that the client will soon have to make a sharp choice between one option of the other.  There will be no escaping this choice, it can’t be avoided and trying not to make a choice, will still result in a choice because one of the two doors will then open.

In a world/western world energy reading, it suggests that a choice will need to be made on a much larger scale.  A choice that Peoples/Tribes/Nationals are going to be facing that will have to be addressed.  While the decision may not be made today on the dot, the energy of the day is forcing closed the alternative pathways that might have been and narrowing them down to the two directions shown on the card.

We get a glimpse of the subject matter in this choice with the rune-stave Othala which is usually associated with inheritance and in particular the inherited or ancestral homeland.

What is really interesting about this rune stave is in a curious karmic twist; while the rune-stave itself has been a special symbol beloved of “Greater Germany” folks for well over a hundred years now (hence often symbolizing Germany in a world-reading) it’s very definition of inherited lands/homeland is also totally appropriate to the modern State of Israel (at least in the popular mind) as well as the former residents of that area pushed out with the founding of the modern Israeli State.  Which of course came about as a direct result of some very nasty acts by certain people in Germany (especially the German government) the results of which so horrified a great deal of the world that the modern Jewish State in the Mid-East became possible.

Now, the world is dealing with all those circles and karmic echoes around Middle Eastern Homelands (of everyone involved) as well as real decisions being made around the “Greater Germany” expansion ideal only this time done by economical means (EU) rather than military force.

Whereas the situation in the Middle East, now appears to be ramping up for another round of history made by military force (again on a number of sides and places).

My gut feeling is that because the cards (and rune-staves) are reading “energies” rather than events; in other-words the energy of the day makes some things very likely to happen but does not usually pin point particular events; it is very likely that both decisions around the future of the Israeli Homeland and “Greater” Germany/EU will start coming into focus today.

Very often, these decisions are made behind closed doors, so we may want to sort of mark this date and look back on it when future events that have an impact on these two issues seem to appear out of the blue.

It would not surprise me if today was the day that say the government Israel made a decision (or picked a date) for dealing with Iran’s nuclear facilities.  They probably would not act until that chosen time, but a decision will have to be made very soon – either wait and see or act and respond.  The cards give no indication of a “right” or “wrong” answer, just suggest that options are narrowing.

The choices for the EU/Greater Germany energy are a bit less obvious, but I suspect today may be another day where the decision of trying to continue to keep things together or letting them go for now (on the Euro, Greece/PIIGS issues or both) can not be delayed much longer.

Or as I pointed out earlier, not making a decision may become a decision with the Inherited Lands of Many nations and their “Gifts for the future” profoundly affected by the results.

Finally, the US (North America) and the rest of the world do not totally escape this energy either.  This is a day (and a time period) very strong in this either/or decision-making that affects the time lines of history.  Echoes of the past are popping up everywhere and they will no longer be ignored. 

Again, the energy is to make a determined choice or the choice will be made for you and it will affect your inheritance and that of your children.  Therefore better to choose wisely than just slide through one door or another.

For individuals, the days energy is the same but somewhat less drastic (for most people). The day may seem to have more personal decisions to make than usual, especially revolving around  house-hold activities and larger life issues.

On the other hand, this is a great day to view property, sign contacts and make these sorts of decisions.  The energy is there for making choices rather than hiding and standing back from the (as so much of the energy of last week was).

We’ve gone from very stuck energy on Monday (Isa/Ice) to a much more active energy today of decide and proceed forward with that decision.

Anyone can use this energy to help their own personal lives move forward in both spiritual and material decisions – so don’t be afraid to make good choices today!

That is you card and rune for today – remember you can get your cards or runes read today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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