Card of the Day – Tuesday – March 27, 2012

Today‘s Card is the Moon and the Rune of the day is Thurisaz (Giants/Natural Forces/Thorn/Hammer).

It looks like yesterday’s freeze in the energy patterns has already been disrupted by elements coming up from the depths (sea) and hidden things being revealed (the Moon energy itself).

This has probably been caused by forces “pricking” or “Hammering” the ice and forcing the melting water below the surface to seep through the cracks.

In fact, that is the exact image I’m getting, water is below the ice and slowly warming; being held in check only by the thin layer of ice, which only took a tap to start cracking and revealing itself in places.

I’m seeing multiple cracks that keep growing, which suggests to me that whatever has been hidden is once again starting to appear.  There may have been a major attempt to “freeze” news and information about it, but it is going to get out anyway.

As for the “frozen/stuck” feeling in terms of the economic/currency/recession situation yesterday; I’m picking up that it is still there but with deep currents swelling underneath the ice.  Even here, little drops of water are starting to push through to the surface, but as yet they feel more like individual drops and not enough to really start a major flood.  When that dam breaks, all heck may come loose but the time doesn’t feel quite right yet .

In fact, today’s energy (and possibly most of the week as well) is very different from last week’s raging, almost seething energy around money, power and anger.  All that stuff hasn’t gone away, but it has sunk below the surface (out of view, hidden by the Moon until the time is ripe again) and I suspect that yesterday’s “freezing” card will continue to lend the appearance of things being “stable” (aka markets don’t do much, currencies don’t fluctuate much, main stream news isn’t much etc) but I think this is all just the calm before the storm (or dam/ice breaking).

So, unless we get a sudden shift in the card and rune patterns over the next 24 to 72 hours; my feeling is this week will have a certain sense of “calm” (or dead air) about it at least on the economic/political front at least in public view.  Privately all kinds of things are probably happening that will soon be revealed if the Lunar energy and Thurisaz continue to make their frequent appearances as daily energy markers.

So, today is a somewhat more active day than yesterday (yesterday’s Isa rune-stave and Cave card could hardly have been less active) but still rather moody and introspective.  The Moon energy tends to be dreamy, easily distracted and tending towards inner work rather than outer display.  There is a risk of “mad” emotions taking over and irrational thoughts or actions; if there are any major disruptions today (on the world/national/news cycle scale; my guess is they are likely to come from this sort of out of nowhere “madness” potential. 

The Thurisaz rune-stave is likely to both provide protection for some but also “prick” at the back of the mind as well.  That nagging feeling that there is “something else” you are supposed to be doing/saying/working on will be there.  Since the Moon also represents the forces of the unconscious mind, it is good to pay attention to these “pricks” of the thorn and review your situation to see if there is anything you actually are forgetting about or have neglected working on (in the physical, mental or spiritual worlds).

But if nothing floats to the surface, and the feelings continue; just concentrate on going forward aware that the energy for today is just going to make these sorts of feelings likely.

Just as the energy is also there for things previously hidden to jump up into the light and force certain issues to be dealt with –

Ready of Not Here We Come!  this is pretty much the motto for today…

The good news is, today is also a great day to explore dreams, fantasies and the unseen (Occult/metaphysical/psychic) world.  A fantastic day for dreams, meditations and shamanic journeys provided you are mentally ready to deal with issues that these may drag up.

So, a mixed day all around; probably quiet on the news front unless something truly mad (lunacy) happens; individuals may have to deal with things they would rather not and a time of likely surprises from unexpected corners.

A quiet day perhaps, but probably not a boring one either…

That’s your card and rune for today, remember you can get your cards and runes, today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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