The Card of the Day – Monday March 26 – 2012

I had to laugh when I pulled today’s card because if anything feels like Monday to me, it is the idea of hiding under my covers (cave) for a few extra minutes before starting another working week lol!

However, in all seriousness, this is not exactly the best way to start out an energy week, especially when combined with the rune Isa (ice).  Together they suggest that not only have the massive energies of last week been so overwhelming that many people now just feel like they would like to  hide and forget the whole thing, the Isa rune-stave suggests they are also becoming stuck,  hide bound and frozen.  This lock-up (of energy) may not be unexpected after such a wild energy-ride as we have been having, butt a sudden total stop (as opposed to a gradual slowdown) is a but worrying.

Especially when you consider that the other meaning of The Cave card tends to be Depression as well as withdrawal and when reading for a macro Word/Western World daily reading we have to consider how this word is commonly used in modern English.

For a person to be Depressed, we mean that they are sad or seriously down in the dumps; when a world/western world nation is referred to as “Depressed” or “In a Depression” we think of economic slow down and stagnation.  Sadly, I think that is exactly what the Cave Card plus the Isa rune-stave combination of referring to, at least in part.

It looks like all the Economic Wildness and Passion of last week, have produced a situation where a lot of people in the “game” just want to take a time out and go hide.  When you combine  Thursday’s reading that indicated those of Old Money having protected themselves with the over-all cards for last week, it is pretty easy to see why.

That’s because I have a very strong feeling that people who are protected (or think they are) already know this and feel safe to let things fall apart as they will; while the rest of the people/tribes/nations/leaders affected also know that they are going to be stuck with the mess.

For a short while, everything is just likely to lock up, both mentally and economically. 

There are also hints of things like “frozen assets” (think the growing MF Global Scandal) and other “frozen” bank accounts or even entire economies.

In the past we have had readings that indicated the entire global economy may be on a slow march to a lock up and while I don’t think that is going to happen today; I do think some of what may be going on will foreshadow some that ultimate event.

Meanwhile, expect “freeze outs” in other areas such as news stories and a general withdrawal of information from the public. 

There may also be the appearance of withdrawal (or even actual depression) on the part of major public figures and leaders.

This tendency to feel “stuck” and “just want to hide” is going to filter down to the average person as well.

As I pointed out at the start of today’s blog that tends to be the definition of Monday Morning for a lot of people; but today’s energy is just going to make that seem that much worse and it isn’t likely to go away as the day wears on either.

Since we know this about today, as individuals we can take steps to both work with and counteract this energy by taking some very simple steps.

1.  We realize the over-all energy of the day is kind of stuck and depressing so when people around us react by wanting to put a damper on new ideas or just want to hide from obvious problems we can take a deep breath and remind ourselves they are not just reacting to you personally, they are simply reacting to the energy of the day.

2.  We can choose to slow down our activity levels to the point our lives permit and try to avoid activities and situations that are likely to depress us.  When we can not avoid them, we should again keep in mind that the energy of the day is likely to have us focusing on the negative, so we can choose to look at the positive aspects of what is going on (or perhaps what we can reward ourselves with later).

3.  Finally, we can choose to give ourselves extra pats on the back for continuing to move forward as required, while at the time using the Cave energy in a positive way for internal work and getting some rest.  Be nice to yourself in some quiet way today, the energy is good for sticking to home so enjoy a quiet dinner and good book.

In other words this is NOT a good day for new projects or moving things along; but it is a great day for introspection and rest.  Ice is frozen for a moment but it does melt; so use this time for some well deserved quiet before getting on with the rest of the week.

That’s your card and rune of the day, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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