Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – March 23 – 25, 2012

This weekend’s cards are: Now, The Message and Prison while the rune-stave is Laguz (Water/Unconscious Mind).

The Now card usually acts as a time-marker indicating and event is close at hand or about to happen, if not actually happening “right-now.”

The Message card tends to focus the reader towards the cards on either side saying “this is the message

The Prison card signals that something/someone(s) is/are either trapped or is/are a trap or held hostage/in jail.

The Rune-Stave Laguz  is usually translated water, but can also be things coming up from the deep, unconscious minds/forces or that which has been hidden.

The most obvious translation of this reading for the World/Western World energies is:

The message is that Now someone(s)/something has been trapped/imprisoned  or itself a trap or a prison.

The Laguz rune suggests that the nature of this trap is something that was previously hidden, came out of the depths (could even be the actual Ocean) and perhaps the workings of the unconscious mind (things we were not previously aware of?

I would not be surprised to see some evidence come to light about the Japanese nuclear accident that results in actual prosecutions this week (putting people in jail) from information coming (out of the deep).  But I by no means think that is the only story here.

It feels like something very powerful is coming to light at the moment that may actually put some people in jail/prison but also “trap” the public/people/individuals in a state of fear or personal imprisonment.

It is possible that this situation has been gradually rising to the surface for some time and is now high enough above the waves to be clearly seen; or it may appear to come “out of the blue (sea/thought/mind)” I’m not sure yet.  That may be because this is an over-all energy of exposure this weekend, so more than one previously hidden issue may come to light.

There is also the possibility (though less likely) that this reading is about imprisoned natural forces that are now trapped and rising to the surface.  If so, then expect reports or new information on Volcanoes in particular but also earthquakes, tornadoes, trapped winds, or dams.  A dam breaking would fit the energy perfectly as would a warning that such a dam was in danger of being breached.

Finally, there could be a connection to yesterday’s reading, where it looked like the “old money” felt they had ring-fenced (trapped) their forces into “safe” areas, and now can feel free to imprison the rest of the world in an economic death-trap.

The Laguz rune-stave is thankfully a protective one, so hopefully what “comes to the surface” while perhaps painful in the short-term, will be healing in the further course of time.

Meanwhile, as always, individuals can use this time period to their own advantage.  This is a good weekend to work with water, trance, motivational tasks, cleaning and dream work.  You will want to be careful of “traps” or “feeling stuck” when working on projects; so if things just don’t seem to keep moving it may be best to take a break and come back later if you can.  The water from Laguz can help your weekend flow, provided it doesn’t get dammed up and locked away.

If you’re a writer or other creative person, the urge to create is likely to be strong this weekend, but you may experience periods of unexpected blockages.  If that happens, just remember it isn’t you; it is just the creative forces of the inner-world, meeting the trapped/stuck forces of the weekend.  Again, best to draw back if you can and do something else or at least change to working on a project already in progress and not needing a lot of new creative input.

Over-all a frustrating day on the macro level, but with hopes for a reasonably sane one on the personal one.

So, enjoy your weekend see you back on Monday!

That’s your cards and rune for today, remember you can get your cards or runes, today or any day by getting a reading.

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