Card of the Day – Wednesday – March 21, 2012

* Special Note: For a review of this week’s special “cards of the week” that included a mention of the French school children being a possible “revenge” attack being reported in this morning’s headlines – click here.

Today‘s card is The Prison and the Rune of the Day is Thurisaz (Giant/hammer/Thor/Thorn/Natural Forces/Protection/Violence).

While not exactly a cheerful combination of energies, today’s card and rune stave do fit in with the general energies flowing in from yesterday’s Liar Card and Jera rune combination. 

The Liar Card indicates that something is false, hidden or not as it seems; The Prison card indicates a trap, which is where the energy of the Liar Card can often lead.

So something/someones are entrapped on imprisoned in a situation and something very powerful, painful and possibly out-of-control helped put them there.

The Thurisaz rune stave is probably a key here, but  it can mean a number of different things depending on context and in a short reading it isn’t exactly clear which direction the entrapment is coming from.

I don’t sense this rune is its protective aspect, though I do have to mention that it may be there, but as protection with a strong fist. 

The idea of a “Strong Man brings Peace to the Realm” is coming to mind – so this may be an indication of a military take over or other sort of “protection” being used as an excuse to “trap” Peoples/tribe/nations.

Again, this is an over-all energy today, not a direct prediction for any country in particular – but I do usually read mostly for the West/Western world so I feel this is somewhat of a warning.

On a personal level be careful of contracts or even work situations where you allow yourself to be “taken prisoner” in exchange for a “safe” situation.

The other way that this rune-stave may be acting (and certainly was in the picture yesterday) is with natural forces such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, storms, avalanches, floods or any other out-of-control but natural (non-human force).  The Giants in Norse Cosmology usually include personifications of these types of events; some giants are friendly to mankind, many more are neutral and a few downright hate the human race.

The God Thor – Lord of Lightning and Storms, likes some Giants well enough that he married one; but others (especially those that are a threat to people) he likes to smash with his hammer which is also symbolized by this rune stave.  Thor is a bit like a giant himself, being a force of nature, and there may be lesson here in how to get out of Prison.

This rune and card combination have hints that when mighty forces are used to entrap and imprison individuals/Peoples/Tribes/Nations; it may sometimes be necessary to seek Divine Help and Strong Forces to set them free. 

This is a good day for looking for guidance and strength from the Divine in whatever form you perceive the Creator(s) to be and not trying to rely on your own might alone to get through tight situations.  Not that we don’t also take action, just that especially if you are feeling trapped it won’t hurt to  practice meditation and seek out advice from your higher-self, guides or other helpers.

Today is probably another day not to try new projects if you can avoid them, signing legal contracts or making serious commitments of any-sort.

The tendency to get trapped or hammered is very high today – but not quite as “false” as yesterday was.  If you must start new employment or sign papers on a house today, make sure you know EXACTLY what you are signing; even getting outside professional advice (protection) which is always a good idea, but especially important in an energy period like this one.

Given this week’s over-all card reading, I would also be on the look out for financial traps on the Macro (world/western world economies) level and the personal (bank accounts, investments, bills) levels.

This whole week is loaded with energies towards things spinning out-of-control and possibly money troubles.

Be for-warned and stay away from this mess as much as you can, at least until the dust settles; take care of your own and your family’s needs as best you can and don’t worry about making larger commitments until things are better settled seems to be the way forward and to avoid The Prison that may be  “on the cards” for many this week.

Remember in a week where “Revenge” seems to be  a major theme that “living well is in fact the very best Revenge” a person can have in times like these. 

Take care, keep you pennies in a jar and stay safe!

That’s your card and rune of the day, remember you can get your cards or runes read today or any day by getting a reading.

For information on having a reading, click here!

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