Card of the Day – Tuesday March 20, 2012

Today’s Card is the Liar and the rune of the day is Jera (harvest), taken together they indicate that something is false or not as presented. The lie  probably has to do with harvests, changes in the year, issues related to commodities, weather and/or cycles.

My first impression on this time of the Spring Equinox (in the North) is that there is something not quite right about the change of seasons this year.  This feels weather related and feels like disturbed weather; some of this may be actually disturbed weather (like tornadoes which are normal for this time of year in North America) but mostly it feels like disturbed as in unseasonable or unexpected.

So, in the North Winter is unlikely to give up easily and or dive directly into Summer, without much usual Spring weather; and in the South Summer may be delayed or morph into Winter without really experiencing a proper Fall.

I’m also picking up a trend towards misinformation in terms of actual harvests – things like actual crops, commodities and even food production.  There feels like an economic tie to the commodities trading markets, so anyone investing in these should be very careful to study them carefully before doing so.

This rune is also about cycles and it may also be that there is some-sort of lie/distraction/cover up in terms of the economic cycle; or possible the weather cycle and even certain historical cycles.

This could even indicate “false” information being circulated about historical or future weather trends in terms of global warming or global  cooling.  Again, study carefully anything put out by the mainstream media on these issues in the next 24 hours and be wary of accepting anything (in either direction) at face value.

In fact, today is not a good day to accept anything at all at face value without checking it first. 

Especially when it comes to legal contracts, monetary commitments, weather forecasts or even a blind date.

Taken together with the Energy of the Week Special Reading, this is just plain not a good time period to be speculating or taking chances on anything, if you can avoid doing so.  This is especially true of anything dealing with money (especially taking out loans or purchasing large consumer items) but also new projects in general.

This is not a good day to buy a car, start a new job or begin planting a garden; if you have to sign legal contracts, start a career or take an exam today be very careful to read all the fine print.

The energy during this time period trends towards hiding things and making us look away from the hidden details of any given situation. 

As individuals we can choose to work around this negative energy by being wise and careful about our choices.  This is going to be difficult, however, with the current energy flows towards deception; but with determination and attention to detail it can be done.

That’s your card and rune for the day, remember you can get your cards today or any day by getting a reading!

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