Special Reading – Cards for the Week – March 19-25

This is a special reading I did for a members only forum over the weekend and after meditating about it, I have decided to post here on my public blog.  Before I post I want to remind people, that the cards simply read the most LIKELY energies around a situation, not usually facts or actual events – though my job is to try to sort out the most LIKELY types of events these energies could allow to develop.  Sometimes, as a psychic, I also get serious flashes of an event I may glimpse prompted by the cards; I’m posting the following not to scare anyone, but so people can see these cards and take any steps they feel may be needed to deal with the energies of this week.

The Cards as Pulled Yesterday evening, about 10pm UTC (Irish/British Time)

The following write-up and interpretation was also written about 10pm UTC on March 18 for the private member Web Bots forum:

Just one look at that combination suggests that things may be dire on the economic or monetary fronts; at least sometime in the next week and that a meltdown or even destruction of a currency or system is possible.

There are also hints of violence (destruction card) rage/anger/greed/jealousy and even revenge with the Beast Card. I think this is an indication both of real-time emotions but also part of what has led up to the current situation.

The Inquirer card would tend to indicate this reading may also affect me, which suggests that whatever this is may hit the dollar, the Euro or both.

There are also hints of actual revenge attacks (strong feeling of Middle East/Afghanistan but also revenge as a general theme of some sort). There’s plenty of anger and rage in that beast too, but the motivations may very well be to get “back” at someone/someones as well as to attack them.

Money is likely the final piece of this puzzle, either because it is a destruction of currency/economy directly and/or because if there are battles and attacks that money may be a big factor in these “situations.” That could include incidents used to “hide” problems with money all the way to money being used to “fund” such operations as in “follow the money”

But the Destruction, Beast, Money combination is really nasty and it will be very hard for the world to get through next week without something blowing up in those three areas with that kind of energy being the main influences. Not totally impossible; but if this were a personal reading, I’d worry the client was going into bankruptcy or about to lose all they had – probably from the violent or at least rage of others. For example someone getting divorced, would not pick next week as a good time for monetary settlement; especially if strong emotions were at play.

This is just a heads up, and I hope that these energies are “over-ridden” and this becomes a “failed” prediction because I don’t want to see something this destructive and anger ridden manifest if possible. While there is such a thing as creative destruction or “right” anger, I’m not feeling any of that here – just red rage, fear, revenge and a striking out…

This morning (Monday March 19) there has already been a horrific attack on Jewish school children in France:

France shooting: Toulouse Jewish school attack kills four

While details are sketchy, it is very likely this is a “revenge attack” of some sort, perhaps one crazed individual, perhaps someone working on behalf of a group; but this sort of nightmare violence with hints of revenge fits this pattern perfectly.

Because of this, I can’t discount the rest of the reading may be a strong warning of economic problems and/or perhaps even a currency collapse this week and/or starting into motion this week.

Lets all work together to make this a FAILED prediction in so far as we can, individuals are powerful and can take actions to protect themselves, their families and even their nations.

Even if our actions seem to only affect our own tiny corner of the universe, taken together in mass they become a huge wave that can smash obstacles and reshape mountains.

I will close this special weekly report with one of my favorite quotes from the late anthropologist Margaret Mead:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead



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