Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – March 16-18

This weekend’s reading is another one of those interesting ones where the cards seem to be going in one direction, but the rune-staves add an unexpected slant on the energies.

The cards themselves: Work (mundane work/jobs) Birth (something born/something new/new life) and Yes (positive energy/yes this is happening/permission for something)  – pretty much have an easy to read message of –

Work/Job situation is the focus energy (labor/employment) something new is coming into the picture (fresh, unseen before, new ideas etc).  Yes, this is happening, no matter what it may look like at the present time.

So far a potentially positive reading, one that can bring hope and expectations to everyone affected by the “Great Recession.”  It is much to be hoped that for some people, this is the case and that new forms of employment and support are coming into being at the present time…however…

But wait, the Runes Staves have more…

Instead of yesterday’s Tiwaz rune stave, today we return back to the other frequent energy displayed over the past couple weeks which is Thurisaz (conflict, prick, thorn) and Perthro (Fate/Dice Cup/Wyrd).

So when we combine the rune staves with the cards we get a revised message of:

Work/Employment/labor has given birth (has permission to) engage in conflict (or be a thorn in the side) and this may be a huge and fateful gamble (dice cup).

It could also be that the ultimate outcome of this situation (labor/jobs/employment) and new situation it gives birth to is still being decided (is in weird) or is now fated to happen.

Whatever it is, it is likely that this new aspect of employment/work/jobs/labor is going to cause conflict, pain or even “prick” fate into going in certain directions

(fate is often seen in the Norse world view as associated with water – such as the “Well of Wyrd“).

Individuals can use the energy of the cards to concentrate on a better situation or new experiences at work (both physical and spiritual) although runes caution that such changes may have profound and surprising long-term outcomes, so be careful what you ask for and make sure to look at as many aspects of the situation as possible before invoking such energies.

As a world/western world energy reading, the message seems to be that something about the work/labor situation/employment situation is changing (or is about to change) rather drastically in a “new” (or new for this generation/time period) way and that yes this is likely to cause conflicts, battles, painful experiences and harsh realities.

Also, this situation is not a “flash in the pan” time for passing headlines, but signals a situation of deep potential consequences and uncertain outcomes.  I’m getting the phrase “the fate of nations hangs in the balance here.”  While Greece is the most obvious example of this sort of “new” work-place (or we might see removal of the work-place as a way of sustaining people/families/nations); I don’t think this is the only thing this is about.

I think that part of this is the birth (realization) that “work-contract” is no longer operating in the way that it once did for individuals or for Western Cultures.

I also just got a flash that some of this may involve Russia and changes that take place with the re-election of Putin and directions he may take the Russian State.

Finally, this could be a longer-term reading indicating that the “new” ways of working/economies are now being born; the situation that “pricks” them into being is painful but in the long-term fated to happen and will occur.  Further out in time, things will likely sort out into a new pattern, but birthing is always painful and this one is going to be no exception.

So, a good weekend for individuals hoping to create and find new jobs/work experiences and careers – but a rather “dicey” (dice-cup) one for Western Economies and Labor relations as we head towards Spring Time 2012 (and Mayday…).

That’s your cards and runes for the weekend, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day by getting a reading.

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