Card of the Day – Thursday – March 15, 2012

Today’s Card is Work and the Rune of the Day is Tiwaz (Justice/Hammer/Giants/Trial by Combat).

The work card is filled with cogs and gears and most of the time is a symbol for regular daily work of the sort that supports our physical bodies and helps put food on the table.  It can also stand for spiritual work, especially when reading for a client’s spiritual path, life goals or dreams.

The Tiwaz Rune-stave keeps coming up and is obviously a very dominate energy over the last week or so, to quickly review – Tiwaz energy is about the justice in terms of the “letter of the law,” and is also linked to the ancient rites of trial by combat (where the “winner” is declared to have justice on his side).

It is also about the Giants (ancient epic forces of nature such as volcanoes, earthquakes, avalanches, the tides, forest fires etc) and Protection, especially that of the God Thor Lord of Thunder and Lightning.  Thor likes some Giants well enough that he married one, but others he slays with his mighty hammer, especially if they are a threat to mankind (or get on his nerves).  Thor has some aspects that are rather giant-like himself, being in charge of mighty storms and all, and is a perfect case of using like to fight like (or protect like).

Thor is also a great friend of mankind and was considered to be one of the most approachable of the Northern Gods, which is very important in the context of a reading combined with a Work Card.  Many people view Thor as the “friend of the Working Man,” the sort of Deity that is happy to host Asgard’s bar-ba-que parties and enjoys the beer as much as the burgers.  Thor is likely to view the concept of Justice on a sliding scale, ignoring the little stuff, but taking his hammer to personally meet out his own version to those who are truly hurtful.

This rune is also associated with the God Tyr (or more anciently the Sky Father) and in this aspect is much sterner than the Thor versions of the law.  When this rune-stave manifests Tyr, it is saying that the letter of the law is to be followed (most of the time) and if it can not be, than battles (in court rooms, staged fights or even the field of war) may be the only answer.

Today, I am feeling that there is energy out there both for issues at individual jobs (aka possible issues from promotions to lay offs, even “battles” in the work place) and the over-all economic situation around work/jobs/economy in the Western World.

There is hope in the sense that Thor is watching and monitoring the “storm clouds” but concern that issues of exacting law and universal justice (Karma what has been done before is going to come back and whack us now) may become a stern taskmaster as well.

This is a day to watch for stories about work-places issues of all kinds (good, bad and downright scary) stories about Union/Labor vs. Employer/Corporations; news about macro-economic issues affecting jobs and perhaps even “truth” coming out about various job figures and related issues.  Tyr energy does not like fudges, it prefers to have the truth out there no matter how painful, and there has been a lot of “fog” around the issues of work and the economy for some time.

This could be a good day to ask for a raise if you know you are absolutely right in doing so, but it is also day when past actions could catch up with people who are in danger are being fired.

All in all, a day mostly focused on the work of life; which can include spiritual work as well.  A good day to focus on work at home too; a wonderful day to pick up, sort out the dark corners of your house and organize things.  Those who work at home, will want to stay focused on their tasks and not be distracted.

Finally a great day for lawyers, judges, military, police etc., as long as they are working “in the right,” with Tyr and Thor marching beside them; otherwise they could get caught out in this energy, in some rather surprising and rapid ways.

That’s your card and rune for today – remember you can get your cards and runes read today or any day by getting a reading.

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