Card of the Day – Tuesday March 13, 2012

Today’s Card is Union and the Rune of the Day is Tiwaz (Justice/Trail by combat).

This is another one of those fascinating combinations where a largely positive card is paired with a rune stave that muddies the waters somewhat from the card’s usual meaning.

In most cases, the Union card is the perfect coming together of two diverse streams; it is the card for the perfect couple/marriage (or as perfect as humans get), the perfect job, the perfect horse and rider etc…of course nothing is every really perfect” but it suggests a good fit, something that harmonizes well and works well together.

But, there can also be Unions that are less healthy; everyone knows couples who just seem to make each other miserable or organizations where it is all politics all the time with folks never getting around to the real business at hand.  This card can also symbolize real unions, like trade unions or the European Union or even the “Union” of the United States or the old USSR.

The Tiwaz rune-stave suggests that the energy today around all unions (and especially those of the second type: Nations/Workers/Political Unions) may concern pesky legal matters from simple nitpicking all the way up to open (and physical) warfare.  That’s because this rune is the Spear of Judgment, the Letter of the Law, The God Tyr, The Conservation and History of the Tribe, and is associated both with lawsuits and trail by combat.

So, this is a rather dicey day in terms of Unions of all sorts, and everyone should be aware of the pitfalls of being too legalistic or uncompromising in their relationships.  This is not a good day for office memos about the number of times employees use the pencil sharpener or go to the bathroom; though that is exactly the sort of thing you would except to see with energy like this.

For couples, this is also NOT a good day to draw up lists of your partner’s faults or to fill out a spread sheet to divide up the daily chores; wait until a day with a little more compassion in the air before either project.  You want some flexibility for this type of discussion and flexibility is exactly what is lacking in the air today.

My hunch is that a good part of today’s energy may be focused in the European Union Direction, especially towards the German tendency to find rule bending tedious and unhealthy.  They may be forced into it at times, but they don’t like it and may desire that the EU use “stronger” means to enforce their actions.  Doesn’t mean they will actually do this, but the energy is certainly flowing towards that sort of attempted outcome.

This energy is unlikely to be helpful in some other parts of the world, in the Middle East where Unions are forming up and often based on very strict interpretations of right or wrong.

In the United States, this energy may also manifest in a stricter (harsher) standards being held up for public approval along with a refusal to face compromise in many areas (including military and diplomatic).  There might also be issues with Trade Unions of all sorts around the world, likely given the economic climate but this is a day they may be in the headlines.

Finally, this energy is great for those topics that need to stay united and NOT be compromised in any way, such as Unions of various forces that focus on the revealing the truth about certain situations or that ensure justice is provided in a truly fair and impartial manner.

So, a good day for couples/unions if they don’t get too bogged down in legalistic details, but also a day with a risk of quarrels about “the little stuff.”  A good day for coming together to do go (demonstrations, combined talents, combined discovery teams, sports etc) but try to avoid the small stuff.  A really good day for group-legal cases when those taking the case have justice on their side, but also a day of possible wild court-room dramas or even battle field dramas.

Great potentials today for both peace (unions) and war (Tyr)….

That’s your card and rune for today – remember you can get your cards or runes ready today or any day by getting a reading.

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