Card of the Day – Monday March 12, 2012

Today’s card is Liberation (breaking free/release) and the rune of the day is Thurisaz (hammer/prick/thorn/Giants).

This is an interesting combination because it turns what is usually a positive card – freedom/a breaking situation/escape from prison etc; into one a little less clear in terms of intent at least on a macro-energy scale for the world/western world.

The Thurisaz rune, which has show up repeatedly in both public and semi-private readings over the last week or so, often stands for the great forces of nature like tides/rocks/volcanoes/glaciers/oceans/rivers/fire/caves other worlds the world of the “Giants” which in the Norse world view are pretty much ancient beings some of which are friendly to mankind, many of whom are totally indifferent to mankind and a few of which are down-right hostile to mankind.

Another meaning of this rune is Hammer, which is the weapon the God Thor carries to slay bad giants (or sometimes just those that annoy him).  He himself has many ancient powers like thunder-bolts and lightning; so while he is not a giant himself, in some ways he seems another cases of like battling like, in order to score a victory.

Because of the Hammer, there are also protective aspects to this rune-stave, so it isn’t all wildness or even pain (there is actually a poem about this rune being the “bane” of women, bringing pain to her in procreation and the bringing forth of life. 

In other words sometimes pain or even sticking a pin in something is needed to bring forward motion.

This is really how I am viewing this rune-stave today – the energy today is there for things to become unlocked, break-out and become free.  It will only take a small “prick” of the “thorn” (alternative name of this rune-stave in the Anglo-Saxon) to burst the growing bubble of energy.

It isn’t clear if what happens in the next 24 to 48 hours is a small “thorn” in the flesh that may be barely noticed until it really hurts or a hammer crashing down that opens the prison gates in a mighty thunder-clap.  Perhaps, that depends on the way humans decide to deal with it as in the Germanic world view there is both wyrd (that which is fated to happen) and will (that which we make or choose to happen/choice).

Or if the Older Powers are involved,  there may be a window for something that may start slowly or could burst out quickly (such as a solar flare that tiny change in direction could determine how and where or even if it strikes the earth).

I’m sense both cosmic and man-made issues during this time period, again the cards and rune-staves are reading energies that make things likely, rather than exact events;  though often there are strong indications that certain types of events are likely.

This combination is pretty much what you would expect to see with anything from a run-away stock market (up or down) to an earthquake/tsunami combination.  Any type of man-made or natural combination of something previous hidden/held back that is suddenly let loose, probably by a third force acting on it.

On the good side, it could also be the final hammer that cracks open and sets free a new cycle or reveals a new discovery in science, medicine or artistic inspiration.

If you were reading for someone with writer’s block, this would be a wonderful combination suggesting that something is about the break-open the situation and let the creative forces flow.  That something might be painful in the short-term, but it is just what is needed to break open the log-jam and let imprisoned thoughts free.

This may be the way that individuals want to work with this energy, use it towards meditation for problems that seem stuck or blocked.

Concentration on releasing of physical and psychic blockages is also good during this time period, just be careful to try for a more controlled release of energy and things can turn out very positive indeed.

The danger here, is the same as opening the flood gates to release dam water before it goes over the top of the dam; do it too quickly and it can flood the surrounding area, wait too long and everything can be rushed away (including the dam) do it right and you get a perfect release of water (energy) that flows freely but not destructively forward.

So, all in all a rather mixed reading, with both cautions but also some exciting possibilities when properly focused.

That’s your card and rune for today, remember you can get your cards or runes today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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