Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – March 9-11, 2012

This weekend’s cards show another shift in direction from yesterday’s cheerful and rather protective reading.

The cards are: The Stranger (new person/energies), The Moon (lunar energy/unconscious mind/coming out of the depths) and The Voyage (travel, change in direction, spiritual or physical journeys).

The rune is Hagalaz (hailstone/sudden hit/strike)

The combination of these energies indicates that something is once again about to change, but this time it is because a new person/element/energy/action is about to take place.

This “new thing/stranger” will be previously unknown (or not known well) and probably unexpected and a sudden strike.  The Hailstone rune-stave usually portends sudden and often violent hits, the way hail can strike and shatter into pieces.

Whatever this is may come via water, from the unconscious mind/collective unconscious of the world. out of the depths of actual water (sea/lake/river) or symbolic waters (sea of change, river of time etc) and will probably result in the world/western world energies/situations suddenly experiencing a change of course and perhaps sailing off in a whole new direction.

There is a lot of water in this reading, the Moon is a high Water card (with the Ocean depicted on it) and the Voyage card shows a sailing ship upon the sea (with an old-fashioned map) and Hagalaz is water frozen as ice into a solid ball of force.

When Hagalaz appears in a reading, it almost always indicates a sudden (and often violent) breaking of the current situation.  In a private reading this tends to mean that something is about to come out of nowhere an affect the client, combined with the Stranger Card, the something is almost certain to be someone or something new.

The same is true for a world energy reading, and the only real markers we are getting here for what it might be in the Moon Card.  This could indicate an actual celestial event (about the Moon itself or other planetary body), cycles of time (lunar calendar), something hidden that is reveled (this one is very likely) or even Lunacy (madness on the part of individuals or nations) and hailstone may not be just from one direction, though to strike with the power of Hagalaz whatever it is, it is unlikely to be ignored easily.

So, this is more likely than not to be a weekend of surprises and perhaps one major event or breaking news that occurs without warning (or much warning) and grabs most folk’s attention.  There is a smaller chance this could happen behind the scenes and kept under wraps, but if it is the information will leak out because it will create a change of direction that people will start to notice, I suspect sooner rather than later.

I’m not really picking up much indication of what direction the Hail Stone is going to strike from, there are certainly quite a number of candidates out there at the moment; though it is most likely unexpected or something not previously recognized or at last “strange.”

For individuals, this should be a weekend of surprises, some of them likely happy ones, others may be a bit weird, new or out of the ordinary.

Be prepared to be ready to shift your own personal voyage if need be; be ready for sudden and abrupt confrontations with issues that “strike from out of the blue,” and accept them if they occur.  Move your ship accordingly, also be ready for new and previously hidden information to come to light and perhaps to meet new people this weekend.

For romance, this could be a good weekend for meeting people, but a bit of a rocky patch for existing relationships as things bubble up from the depths or get whacked from above.  Not a bad time, just a caution time and the same energies will working on other areas of life; such as jobs, money, home and family.

So, probably not a boring weekend, but one with a lot of unknown potentials out there.

That’s your cards and rune for the weekend, remember you can get your cards and runes read today or any day by ordering a reading.

For information on ordering your reading, click here!

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