Card of the Day – Wednesday – March 7, 2012

Today’s Card is The Sage (Wisdom) and two rune staves were stuck together so we are reading them both: Perthro (Dice Cup/Fate) and Fehu (Cattle/Wealth).

For once, this combination is pretty easy to read, especially given certain world events especially in the EU but also affecting other places.  The Sage car indicates that great wisdom will be needed to deal with some situation (and the energy is there to provide it if anyone is looking for it).

The Rune Staves together indicate that something very serious and fated is about to be decided, and like the Dice Cup, whatever it is will be a gamble.  The throw could go anywhere, but as always with gambling the chance of a winning throw are always lower than a throw going wild. They are not impossible, just longer odds, though the use of wisdom (or I’m thinking of cleaver people who can work the odds by understanding how cards or dice work) can improve the chances.

Fehu – Cattle/Wealth/Sexual Passion seems to be the object of the both the need for wisdom and the concern of the throw of the dice today. My sense is that this is talking about Fehu as wealth and perhaps the passions and strife it stirs up.  The darker side of this rune stave is battles and strivings about wealth and relationships (things that people feel passion about) and I’m really picking this up here (and can also read it in the daily headlines).

To sum up: This reading indicates that today great wisdom and thought is needed to deal with a major upheaval (dice cup) that is occurring (or about to occur) in the economic situation of the world/western world. 

This situation is both a “toss of the dice” in how it may go, not even the fates are sure yet, though it is now “fated” to happen based on passed actions and choices (the Sage learns both from the books of the past and yet also writes his own wisdom for the future).

The good news is, the Sage Card also indicates that there is a chance that things could be corrected and not result in the total destruction and meltdown of everything.

But the Dice Cup rune stave makes it pretty clear that this is neither certain nor even the most likely outcome, still Wisdom should be sought by anyone connected with this situation and that includes individuals whose incomes and property may be affected (aka just about every adult alive today).

So, for individuals, while there is little a person can do to influence the realms of international finance (other than keeping an eye on things that may change quickly) as individuals we can take steps to wisely save, invest and hang onto our wealth.

The Cattle rune stave, Fehu,  may have some advise here, reminding us that while money (and even gold and silver) are important items that represent wealth – real wealth is something you can touch, hold, learn from, use or eat.

While this is not a suggestion to go cash out your bank account and buy food, tools and seeds; thinking about what your currency is going to pay for,  is being suggested for this time period.

For now, it might be wise to ask yourself this question before spending money:

“Can I eat it, use it, live in it, learn from it or be transported by it?” followed by  “will it hold value even if paper currency is in free fall?”

If it fits neither of these categories (including precious metals and gemstones etc in the second one) I’d be really wary of spending much money on the item at this time.

That doesn’t mean have no fun at all, that’s an important part of life too; but the reading indicates right now is time for sound judgment and careful planning.

Soon, I suspect we will know how the dice have rolled and will then have a better idea of what “Fehu” Wealth is, for the new and on-going cycle.

That’s your card and runes of the day, remember you can get your cards and runes read today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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