Card of the Day – Tuesday – March 6, 2012

Today’s Card is The Beast and the Rune of the Day is Daguz (Dawn), after I pulled the Beast card (Deep, usually hostile emotions of hate, jealousy, greed, fear, etc) I reshuffled the deck and asked the question:

“What is the Nature of the Beast or the Qualifier Cards for it?” and got the two additional cards that “fell” out stuck together in no obvious sequence: Fortune and Peace.

To me, this combination of cards are rune stave is a pretty stark indication that the main energies for today have shifted from the focus on the Cosmic and Natural forces we saw over the most recent week; to those of very powerful human forces taking center stage for a bit.

The Beast Card itself, suggests a day when people/tribes/nations may be easily angered, upset, confused, manipulated, outraged and both physical or mental violence are possible.  Raging feelings are the order of the day, with the mind, spirit and common sense being roared right out the window; at least at first responses go.

Now, the qualifier cards suggest that the major objects of the Beast’s rage are going to be Fortune (aka Material and Spiritual Wealth and/or the gathering of Wealth/Fortunes) and Peace (serenity, lack of violence, calm, stasis, quiet, non-movement, stuck-in-one-place).

This combination of cards seems to lead directly to the Beast being a major factor in both world/western world economics (making/loosing fortunes/fortunes at stake) and Peace (or breaking of it).

When you add the Rune Stave Daguz into the picture – you get the energies of Dawn, Day Break, Light Dawning on a subject, New Cycles/Days, and even hints of False Dawn or even nuclear power/energy/bombs etc; you get a basic reading that sort of looks like:

The Beast is raging today and affecting the World Economics/Markets and may disrupt, break or decide the fate of Peace. 

It will be starting to Dawn on people what is actually going on and given the Beast energy, they may react with their emotions rather than their heads.  Some of these reactions may be violent or even war-like, depending on the exact nature of what is suddenly understood (Dawned).

My gut is telling me this reading is a combination of issues around the World of Finance, some of which may be coming to a head very soon and the perceived (or planned) events for a “Great War,” designed to “do something” about it.

It almost feels like a sudden realization on the part of someone(s) about these issues may enrage the Beast enough to actually threaten to start this war (or battles of some sort leading up to it).  What I’m not sure if this is going to “plan” exactly or if the Dawn is coming a bit to rapidly to be kept under “control.”

Thankfully, the other way to read these cards is that Dawning Light and Understanding may help control and smooth over the issues the Beast is affecting (Fortune and Peace) but I think a lot of people would have to concentrate very hard to make this version of the energies come closer to the surface.

Over all, this reading suggests another “jumpy” day, one where individuals should be careful to be kind to themselves and their families; and as always on a Beast Day, try to remember when others lash out at you that it isn’t just personal, the person is reacting to the strong and negative energies of the day itself.

Individuals can take steps to focus on the Peace card as a qualifier to subdue the Beast energy,

however on a world-wide scale I’d say this is another “good” day for: riots, conflicts, market crashes, currency collapses, battles, broken treaties, fist fights and even all out wars to break out.

There is also always a hint of jealous about the Beast, and while I feel that rage is the stronger element here, Jealousy is also a player.  Someone(s) may be envious of what someone(s) else has and their reaction may be an attempt to get even rather than a spur to improve their own position.

Hopefully, this energy will all just mummer in the back ground and blow over, but today is a rather tense day energy-wise – so keep close to your home and family, read good books, drink hot tea and enjoy some personal care time.  Pay attention to the outside news as well, but try not to get too caught up in what you can not affect and concentrate on what you can.

That’s the cards and rune for the day, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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