Card of the Day – Monday – March 5, 2012

The card of the Day is Death and the Rune of the day is Eiwaz (Yew Tree/World Tree).

This is another one of those “heavy” combinations where the card and the rune stave are similar (but not identical in energy).

The Death Card, appeared just last week and in a private reading over the weekend; so that energy still seems to be dominating the world/western world energies at this time. Again, to review, this card does not always indicate personal deaths of people; more often it means the final ending of something or a situation.  However it can mean the personal deaths of people and I am sadly inclined to read it this way today, largely because of the rune stave…

Eiwaz is usually translated as Yew Tree and/or Yggdrasil (The World Tree) the mythical Tree in the Norse Cosmology that holds all of the Nine known (and perhaps other unknown) Worlds together.  It is the axis on which all the Worlds are centered and holds them together.  Without it, all the Worlds would presumably fly off in all directions and destroy the unity of the universe.  While the Tree itself is a living being, it is a solid and largely uncommunicative one.  We don’t usually encounter the World Tree much in our daily lives, but in the Germanic system a threat to it would be very serious indeed.

There are beings that go up and down the world tree to communicate with those who dwell in the various worlds held within and beneath it.  There is a squirrel whose special job it is to do this, as well as various forms of traveling down by Gods, Goddess, Seers and Shamans; who bring back important messages.

Yew Trees in particular, were also associated with Death and are still planted in many European grave yards to this day.

So we have both the Foundational Tree that upholds the Universe and The Death/Memorial Tree indicated in this rune stave.

This runes stave is also associated with personal sacrifice, stamina, understanding and the UNITY OF LIFE AND DEATH.

In that sense it is the rune stave of the in-between mortality and immortality, as well as the uniter of worlds (you can see the upper world and lower world with the tree in between as you view the rune stave itself).

OK, so what does this all mean?  Both card and rune stave suggest not only the ending of a cycle or situation; they also have hints of both physical death itself and the other world.

The Death card,  is this deck, is also the ancient burial mound of the ancestors where in the Old Days many people in Europe would go and sit (or sleep) out on to gain guidance from the “Mighty Dead” who could guide the living, especially through times of crises.

The Rune Stave also has greater understanding as part of its deep well of meanings; so not only does this combination warn us of a potential for physical human death, it also suggests that we may gain wisdom to help with this situation by seeking guidance from those who have crossed over.

Which leads us back again to cycles, especially cycles of history for gaining wisdom on current events.  There are also hints that seeking wisdom from the actual “Mighty Dead” (or Guardian Angels if you are more comfortable thinking in those terms) are a good place to look for both guidance and protection.

There is also a hint of finality in both the Card and the Rune Stave; that while we all come to a personal end, we also are all joined together by the roots, truck and branches of the World Tree.

So, something is ending and yes it is likely that some people may have an appointment with the Grim Reaper this week or perhaps longer term as this cycle goes forward; however individuals can take comfort in the connections and strength of the World Tree Itself.  Individual Souls may change their home worlds on the Tree (death being a journey from Middle Garth to another of the Nine worlds) but the Tree still provides a link and a foundation for everything.

That should be especially comforting in a time of growing instability as this cycle seems to unfold.

To sum up: today is a good day for mediation, astral journeys, finishing projects, planting orchards (physical or mental), birthing, memorials, poetry, writing, occupations that deal with the earth and sky (archeology and astronomy) and anything that involves going “in-between” (vision quests, physical travel etc).  It is also a good day for final endings such as putting an old relationship finally to rest or finishing up your homework.

There is also the potential for all sorts of “Death” or “Endings” out there today, but most people will likely experience that simply as the end of a project or finishing up loose ends in their lives.

There may be news about other sorts of “Death” and “Endings,” so paying attention to current events for the next few days is also highly recommended by this, as well as last week’s, readings.

That’s your card and rune of the day, remember you can get your cards or runes today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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