Card of the Day-Weekend Edition – March 2-4

This weekends cards are: Never (the Raven), The Body (Health/Physical world) and  The Moon (Dreams/Unconscious).

The Rune for this Weekend is: Thurisaz (Thorn/Giant/Thor/Hammer)

First off, this is one of the stranger combinations of cards that I have seen in a while, especially for an energy reading.  But I’ll try my best to ferret this out, though this may be a set of cards that is more obvious in their meaning AFTER the weekend, rather than before.

But here goes, first a quick review of the general meanings of these cards and the rune stave.

Never: This card tends to mean that something either is Never going to happen, or may appear as if it will never happen (as in Winter seems to never end, even though it always does).  The Raven on the card is also a messenger, especially in the Norse tradition, where Odin’s two Ravens go about the Earth bringing him back information as to what is going on in the world of mankind.  So, sometimes this card is an actual negative and sometimes it is trying to send a message or warning about the other cards (or the situation).

The Body: aka “The Creepy Card” as named by some folks on a forum I share readings at.  It may seem creepy to most people, but to those who are medically trained, it is simply an illustration of the human body of the sort found in old anatomy books.  Usually this card represents either health or the physical/material world – in other words the card indicates that the general topic of the reading concerns the material world rather than the realms of the spirit.

The Moon: This card has been coming up a lot lately, in this deck it is a primary symbol for the world of dreams and the unconscious mind.  It also represents hidden things coming to light (out of the depths of the sea).  This things may be good, bad or indifferent to the client or the reader, but the important thing to remember is they are slowly being revealed.  Finally, this card is often associated with psychic awareness and ability, and its twin of madness (as in lunacy…).

Thurisaz: This rune stave is usually translated as Thorn (or prick) and looks like the torn on a rose-bush.  It is also a “prickly” sort of symbol, while not a “bad” rune (there is no such thing) it is not always a friendly one, especially to mankind.  That’s because an alternative meaning of the rune stave is Thurse or GIANT, and giants in the Germanic world view often represent the great powers of Earth, Sea, Air and Fire that dwell apart from mankind and can cause great disruptions when they interact with Midgarth (Middle Earth, where people live).  Thankfully, this rune stave is also associated with Thor the Red Haired God with a Hammer, who while he likes some friendly giants well enough that he married one; was famous for slaying those he didn’t like and/or posed a threat to people.  So, this rune can be “prickly” because it can be both a warning and yet protective at the same time; depending on how it shows up in the reading.

Combined we have something like:

Never (The Message) – The Body (Physical world/Earth/health) – The Moon (psychic,unconscious, depths, madness) – The Thorn (giants,hammer, Thor)

Which is all rather confusing on the surface but makes a bit more sense when taken into a world/western world energy context, especially given the last week’s worth of readings.

We already know that a new cycle is forming and that another is ending, that was very clear from the cards for Monday – Thursday with The Fool, Death, The Scales, The Fool…we are in a time where things are “weighed in the balance” and things are likely to change rapidly once they start moving.

Looking at that, it seems to me that one message the cards may be saying is that: There is nothing (or never anything)  physical that Man(kind) can do to stop what is coming up from the depths.

What is coming up from the depths may be partly from mankind’s own unconscious mind or it could literally be from the depths of the sea/earth/changes etc. and my guess is a combination of both human created and natural events.  Some of these things may appear to be “Mad” or “Lunacy” at least to human understanding.

The Thorn/Thurs Rune adds energy to the idea that some of what is happening is from the realm of the “Giants” (aka great forces like mountains, waves, earthquakes, storms etc) and that Thor (Lord of Thunder, Killer of Giants and Friend of Man/people) is also ready to defend those he can with his hammer (or strike out with thunder and lightning, depending on the situation).

There is yet another strange twist to this rune stave I feel needs mentioning, though I’m not really sure why.  There are rune poems that suggest the rather phallic nature of this rune in that the “thurse” can be “painful” to women; and the guess is that the author of the poem was not just referring to what can happen to a lady’s hand when she pricks her finger on a rose-bush.  Rather a more ancient and bawdy type of hurt, which could (along with the body card) represent something concerning sexual and/or reproductive health (genetics/genetic code) in this reading.

We’ve had hints of possible messages on this topic before, and especially since the Moon card in this deck is female (even though the Moon is male in the Germanic cosmology) I feel a pull in this direction.  My guess would be a possible treat from radiation and/or other events (including illness, chemicals, warfare etc) that is somehow a threat to reproduction and/or sexuality.  Women may be worst affected by this, although the body card is genderless as is the Raven (though I’ve always thought of it as a more male card for some reason).

In any case I think this boils down to a continued message that things are kind of strange and scary out there at the moment and that the physical world itself (or human body/bodies) are about to be affected by stuff coming up from the sea and perhaps from the Great Forces of Nature as well.

In previous readings the energies have also indicated issues coming from a possible war and/or the hidden activities of people (Liar Card etc), and while I don’t think those issue have gone away (and they may be reflected some in the Moon Card), this reading feels more like Natural and/or Epic Scale events or at least energies in the offing.

As I’m writing, huge tornadoes are even now hitting parts of North America, and that is a perfect example of the power of Thor/Thurse/Hammer/Thurisaz rune.  The storm itself is not personally out to “get” anyone, but can still destroy anyone and anything that happens to get in its way.  At any point, the storm may suddenly turn and twist in a new direction, very much like the energies reported by the cards this week.

When this kind of energy is out there, the best reaction is often simply to take as much shelter as possible until it passes by and is out of the area. 

This is a good weekend for staying close to the ground with your eyes open; be as aware as you can but always be ready for surprises.  Thankfully, the Thurisaz rune also includes the protection of the Thor’s Hammer as well as his thunder bolts.  So while there are great energies of disruption flying around at the moment, there are also energies for great protection and safety.

All together a rather weird and wild reading for the weekend, but then storms often happen when two weather fronts come together or indeed when two different energy waves collide, which is what seems to be happening right now.

So hold on to your hats because you may need them later…

That’s your cards and rune for the weekend, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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