Card of the Day – Thursday, March 1, 2012

Well, here we are at towards the end of the week, with the same card as Monday’s Reading, but instead of the Water Rune (Laguz) showing up again, this time the rune for today is Othala (Homeland, Ancestors, Odin).

This is a very powerful combination, because we now know that the Fool (New Cycles, New Beginnings, A Journey, Having Blinders on, Going forward without thought) has passed from the Unconscious Depths (Hidden/Water/The Ocean) into the realms of reality; especially the reality of our personal “inherited lands” (aka property and even nationality).

I am also feeling a strong pull towards direction from both the Unconsciousness of the living (at the start of the week) and the fully conscious direction of the Ancestors (the Mighty Dead who watch over the living) at the moment.  I feel this both in a literal sense (the dead are watching us) and also as a symbol for the cycles of time (what has been before, has come again).

There is almost a sense of awe about this combination of card and rune stave; I’m having a little trouble putting my finger on it exactly, but I suspect it means that things will soon be moving in a direction that affects people, property and homelands; in a new (or new to this cycle) fashion.  I also think, the Death Card of Tuesday, and the Scales card of Yesterday, combine to form the rest of the message for this week.

That message is: A great cycle is starting, but another one is in the process of totally ending, with a finality that may come suddenly when the scales drop their apples upon the ground.

The new Cycle concerns things that are hidden (under the sea/from dreaming mind) but that will rise up and set things off in a new direction, in a way that is likely to impact people right where they live (homeland).

The other hint of what part (but not all) of this reading is about; is likely Germany (and the EU again) simply because Othala was the favorite rune of German Nationalists for several generations, and even today is frequently connected with that country (especially in occult allusions).

I do not however, feel this is the total meaning of the rune stave on this occasion, rather that the German/EU/Greece/Ireland/PIGGS mess is being highlighted because there are powerful energies at play right now that are likely to stir things up and set them off on a new (and perhaps more blinded course).

The thing about the Fool is that he is starting on an adventure, one that may lead him to enlightenment or right off a cliff, because he really isn’t paying much attention to where he is going.

Fools playing around with the fate of nations, especially those with great histories and where the Ancestors keep watch on their people; could lead to some rather startling and unexpected results.

That doesn’t mean that dire or strange things will happen during the next few days (or even weeks) but the energies are there that suggests they could.

I think any world leader will want to be very careful just now, because those scales are tipping and the Fool is about to be launched on his way.  Lets hope that his path is down a nice clear path way, and not directly into a large tree.

For individuals, one of the most important things about a Fool energy period is to be careful not to pay so much attention to your own inner “music” and thoughts; that you don’t see what is going on around you.

So today (and this entire week) are good times to practice paying attention to your surroundings, listen to the wisdom of the past and be open to sudden and unexpected choices and changes.

Today, these could be about personal property, inheritance or even spiritual gifts (such as “the sight,” often passed down in families).  You own inner-voice is important, but don’t let it drown out the voices of others – right now you need to stay alert and process the information you are taking in.

This is also a good time period for new projects, jobs, journeys etc; provided they are taken on with a full conscious attention; this is not a good time just to stumble into things.  Though if you do, just re-adjusted, evaluate your new circumstances and keep moving forward, times of great changes in energy can be like that.

That’s your card and rune for today, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day, but getting a reading.

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