Card of the Day – Tuesday – Feb 28, 2012

Today’s Card is Death (final endings) and the rune remains Laguz (Water/Sea/Lake) the same rune stave as yesterday.

Yesterday we had the Fool card which usually means a New Beginning, a New Start or a New Cycle.  Today we have the Death card, which often signals the final ending of something, a final move or the end of a cycle.

Since the rune remains the same, we can gather that the deepest forces behind both of these energies are the same.  Both the New Cycle and the Old one are being directed by energies that come up from below the waves and/or the Unconscious Mind.

Not only is the force of Water somewhat hidden, it also suggests images of tides turning, or washing up spent on the beach.

So, we can be absolutely certain from these two readings that this week is a time when one very strong energy cycle is coming to a complete halt (death) and a new energy cycle is coming into full force.  Both are ruled or affected by Water and the Unconscious mind, which suggests that the average person may be taken unaware and risks being born in and out by the tides, not realizing what is really going on until things have moved a bit further along on the new journey.

The Death Card also means that there is energy out there for death in many forms, so there is a risk of warfare, accident, illness, famine etc.  So, except to see news stories today on all those themes, perhaps even investigations into the Deaths of important or famous people.  Also, this could signal the “Death/Final Ending” of a major corporations, businesses, banks etc.  So, stories (or even rumors of such things below the “surface”) are worth paying attention to as well.

For individuals, not as bad a day as one might think; as the Death card for individuals most of the time simply signals the ending of one phase of something and the start of another.  Again the Laguz rune stave suggests that some of these changes may be under the radar for a while yet, even if they are actively starting to happen.

A good day to look at new plans, resolving unfinished relationships or projects, putting unworkable ideas to bed, meditation, exploring the hidden realms, astral journeys, working with water (or the sea), weather watching and even past life explorations.

Mostly an inward energy day (yesterday’s was outward) and a good day to be kind to yourself and others.  A lot of wild energy is swinging drastically back and forth at the moment as one cycle slides away and another is just getting going.  These in-between times (especially when they occur alongside of human markers like the end of a Month), can be a bit over-stimulating from an energy point of view. Best to work on staying calm, focused and home-centered for the moment, until the dust settles a bit and the way forward becomes clear.

That’s your card and rune for the day – remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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