Card of the Day – Monday – Feb 27, 2012

Today’s Card is The Fool and the Rune of the Day is Laguz (Water), this is an interesting combination that suggest both a New Energy Cycle is forming and that it is welling up from the depths of the Unconscious mind (or from beneath the waves).

The Fool, is represented by a happy-go-lucky young man setting off on his journey, paying attention only to making his own music, while ignoring everything around him.  He may be just fine, or he may be about to walk directly into a tree (or in some decks off a cliff); either way it will come as a total surprise, because his hair is in his eyes and he just isn’t paying attention to where he is going.

Laguz (lake/water/unconscious mind) may be directly him to a degree, even though he is totally unaware of this fact.  So, he is being driven by unconscious stirrings and even manipulations, made all the easier because of his lack of attention to his surroundings.

In his alternative role as “the Holy/Sacred Fool” this combination could also suggest that he is walking on the path he needs to follow, prompted by unconscious motivations that he may not understand, but follows blindly anyway.  Hopefully, he is guided towards a more enlightened path than previously, one he is more likely to accept than someone who is thinking more critically.

Then, there is also the aspect of Laguz as the Sea, full of currents that can drive ships off course or affect their ultimate destination.  The Fool, not paying attention may be bandied about by the waves and forces around him, perhaps not even noticing he is about to run into a rock or perhaps discover New Lands and riches.

Now in a World/Western world reading, these energies suggest a time period when many are walking about paying little attention to their surroundings and likely to be led down the garden path by the currents and eddies of the waters beneath them.

For individuals the thing to remember is that while New Beginnings are a Great energy, blindly going forward based totally on your own inner perception of things may not have such a good outcome.  Such actions can result in being led about by the Unconscious Mind (of themselves or others) and/or being left on the rocks by unexpected physical events.

Being open and accepting is good, provided you use you eyes, ears and brain to process what you’re encountering, so you can make wise and proper decisions about it.

A good day for starting new projects or meditations, not such a great day for careful planning or jobs that require careful attention to detail.

That is your card and rune for today, remember you can get your cards or runes any day by getting a personal reading.

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