Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Feb 24-26

This Weekend’s cards are: Now, No and The Puzzle while the Rune of the Weekend is Pethro (Fate/Dicecup)

This is a rather interesting an unusual combination of symbols but to quickly review the individuals cards we have:

Now: A card that indicates that something is happening “right now” (or momentarily) it is also the card of harvest,  what was planted in the past is now being reaped, also the Sun is NOW shedding light on the harvest.

No: This card is pretty clear, it means “No” when answering a direct yes or no question (which you can do with this deck) but it also indicates negative forces, no (or nothing) or not yet when combined in a larger reading, depending on the context.

The Puzzle: a decision that must be made, there is no going around it, a door must be chosen (the Lady or the Tiger Card).  Thorns and trees prevent the decision from being worked around, ultimately it must be decided.

Pethro – Wyrd/Fate/Dice Cup Rune Stave – this rune stave indicates something is fated and/or something is being decided, no one knows how the dice will throw, a gamble, a person (or nations) fate is being decided/gambled upon.  Also a symbol for the Well of Wyrd, a place of all knowledge but also where ones fate may be discovered.

So, we actually do have a fairly coherent reading in one respect, we know that: right now, something is either being blocked or will be decided in the negative, also that there is a major decision coming up around this weekend, one that must be made.  It may be a negative decision or the No may indicate a decision that needs to be made, ignored or not made (now when it needs to be?).

We also know that this decision is very, very, very important; in fact it is tied to both Destiny and Wyrd.  The Fate of something is being held in the balance by this situation, the ultimate outcome is not known at this time, until the Decision (Puzzle) is solved.

What we don’t have any information on in this reading, is what exactly the decision is about.  There are several major issues hanging out there in the World/Western World at the moment that could be involved: Possible War in the Middle East, Economic Collapse, Sun activity and even Weather are among the issues that could be involved here.

To get a little bit more information, I now pull another rune and get

Which is the rune stave for two horses together/Partnership

This run stave suggests that the source of the Question/Puzzle/Possible Negative Answer is most likely to be something human generated because usually it is humans that form partnerships, treaties and alliances.  Sometimes the Great Powers (Earth/Moon/Stars) also work together in this way; but in this case I’m feeling pretty strongly that the cause is human partnerships and/or broken partnerships.

One way to read this (and I hope it is correct) is that “no war” or no broken treaty/partnership) right now.  But the other way to read it is that Now, there is NO Partnership or that great decisions are being made right now about Partnerships and Alliances – those Decisions will affect the Fate of the Entire world, no matter how they ultimately turn out.

Very soon, these decisions will have to be made and I think this is what this reading is suggesting.  While it is possible that the Great War thread that has run through the last several months of readings may not occur right now, even if it is put off; right now the decisions about who ultimately aligns with whom is being either decided or puzzled out.  The Fate of Many Nations may be held in the balance by these decisions and once they are made, there may be “no” turning back as it were.

I also suspect a lot of this is going behind the scenes and may not be obvious to the general public for several days (maybe even weeks) though some bits and pieces should start leaking through, almost from the start of things.

This is a very important and fateful time for the world/western world in general and if War is not the issue; than something similar is being decided and partnerships formed around it.

For individuals, this may prove to be a rather confusing time, with strong feelings of destiny but also blockages and some difficulty in getting things done.  Partnerships may be easily formed, but also quickly broken; a lot of rather “puzzling” and confusing energy out there right now.

So make sure when making plans that you are clear in the direction you wish to go, but be ready for problems that interfere or negate what you are trying to accomplish (at least in the short-term).

This is also a time when on both levels; both the outer world and the individual are likely to face the results of seeds and situations already started some time ago.  These can be very good and joyful in the case of those energies or activities planned in love; or rather dire and soul-destroying if the previous deeds were performed from a place of hatred or violence.

So, a good weekend to try to keep a clear head on your shoulders (be careful when drinking, partying or even deep trancing); be aware that there is a lot of confusion and also negative energy out there.  Make sure your partnerships are positive ones and avoid that which you are not sure about.

Keep one eye on the news, but the other one focused on the world around you right now (live in the moment), rather than deep planning for the future.  Those energies will return shortly, but for this weekend, the time is NOW, so try to stay focused on it and meet each challenge or reward as it comes.

That’s your cards and rune staves for the weekend, remember you can get your cards and runes today or any day by getting a reading.

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