Card of the Day – Wednesday – Feb 22, 2012

Today’s Card is the Voyage and the Rune is Raido (Riding/Travel) which was also the same rune as yesterday’s reading.

Once again the energies of the card are almost exactly the same as the card symbolizes Voyages/Traveling/Quests/Spiritual and Physical Movement/Positive Movement Forward/Going Full Steam Ahead

Raido also means travel/riding/sailing/moving/going forward/rushing to something etc.

Both card and rune stave can be associated with ships and sailing as one of the two most common types of Viking transportation was by ship, both for cargo and for warfare.

Both card and rune stave can stand for physical, mental or spiritual voyages or travel.

Both card and rune stave have strong positive and negative aspects depending on how they are arranged.

In this case, I think they indicate that the situation that “set sail” yesterday is now under full sail and going forward.  That particular situation, had a false premise, but that does not mean that all of the energies today do; only those on that one particular situation.

In fact one way to read this combination is that all energies are now free-flowing and traveling to destinations already decided when the courses were charted.  So, positive actions set in motion continue to sail forth as do the negative ones (of which we had hints yesterday).

I’m also still sensing a connection with possible Navel Battles or incidents at sea, even more strongly today than yesterday.  For more information on yesterday’s reading, click here.

Unlike yesterday, this is a wonderful day to make travel plans and use this energy in a positive way.  Also a good day for astral travel, meditations, and spiritual growth.

A very active energy day, a day for expanding your horizons and even learning new tasks.

Over all a positive energy day, but one that may seem to “rush by quickly” also because yesterday’s energy continues to a degree, it would be good to double-check any information or “surprises” coming into your life.  The Liar may have left the building for the moment, but I sense he is still out there as an influence, especially on those plans he has already set in motion.

But still, for the most part a day to enjoy and plan your next vacation.

That’s your card and rune of the day, to get your cards or runes today or any day you can order a personal reading.

For information on ordering your reading, click here!

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