Card of the Day – Tuesday Feb 21, 2012

Today’s Card is the Liar and the rune of the day is Raido (travel/riding).

This is another interesting combination because it suggestions that not only is the energy out there fore lies, deception and misinformation but they may “travel” very quickly or “ride” to their destination.

Another way to look at this is that the Lie or Deception may be about travel/riding/moving forward itself; or that things that “seem” to be on the “right road” or not.

Since another aspect of the Liar card is to obscure what is behind the curtain (see card) there could also be certain amount of “run-away” energy put into distracting the public from something in a way that “carries them right away.”

This is also a great combination for propaganda (including advertising, the largest source of propaganda in the Western World).  So a great day for advertising agents and folks writing “tweaked” government reports, but a day for most people to be very careful of what news they here or contracts they sign.

This is a terrible day for planning a trip or vacation, put it off if you possibly can and if you must buy that plane ticked today, be sure to carefully read your fine print.

A very direct way to read this combination of card and rune stave is: Travel/Lied About or disrupted.  Also, not a good day to buy a car, horse or anything traditionally associated with travel.  If you must go on a business or pleasure trip, be ready for disruptions or unexpected issues coming up.  Take a good book and some extra cash along, just in case you get suck where you did not intend to be.

On a World/Western World energy reading, my inner-feelings are directly drawn first to the Greek Bailout, the one that has the US stock market sky rocketing and the head lines in Europe full of good cheer today.  A closer read, especially of more serious economic sites suggests that this “deal” is not only dependent on things like the Greek people agreeing to change their constitution to pay their debts before their own internal bills, but also agrees to having “permanent oversight” by outside organizations and countries (EU, IMF etc).

I have no idea how the people of Greece are actually going to react this, but I suspect it is somewhat of a “Lie” that everything is now “solved.”  This also echoes somewhat yesterday’s harsh “peace,” Peace and Tiwaz combination.

There is also a strong possibility that this energy is also affecting other areas, travel in general is one; another is probably the Middle East and perhaps even the Space Industry (NASA for one, but also others).  This energy could also affect other sorts of transport (buses, trains, boats) and their support systems.

The two most common types of transport in the Viking Age were animal powered (mostly horses) and ships, especially improved technology in cargo ships and war ships.

If this reading does concern war/conflict in some way, my guess is going to be a transport issue or a naval action is not as presented (may be hiding something or may be false in some other fashion).

As always, none of these readings is exclusive as it is the energy of the day being read, not any particular event; except that the energy makes some of these things much more likely than usual.  Not to mention sometimes I do get pulls in certain directions and look at them.

So, that’s your card and rune for today, remember you can get your cards (or runes) today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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