Card of the Day – Monday Feb 20, 2012

Today’s card is Peace and the rune of the Day is Tiwaz; this is a very interesting combination with the card one we haven’t seen very often and the rune a totally new energy coming into the picture (though it has shown up in private readings over the past couple of weeks).

Peace is normally a very good card, with the lovely stained glass window, the hints of a Gothic cathedral, the sun shinning from the high widows to illuminate the floor.  This card can be personal for an individual or larger for a group; it can also be spiritual peace (as indicated by the Church) or physical peace (as in an end to either verbal or physical violence/war/conflict).

If the card were simply by itself, it would almost certainly be a good card indicating the energy is there for a suspension of conflict, for peace treaties, negotiations, spiritual renewal, reconciliation etc.  Certainly this energy is there today and will make the way smoother for anyone involved in personal conflicts, contracts and even possibly national events.

However, there is a warning in the rune, Tiwaz, whose symbol is a spear and whose symbol is usually Law/Justice.  But it is the sort of law and justice that can be rigid, unyielding and without mercy as we would understand it.

For example you would only want to use Tiwaz when involved in a court case, if you absolutely knew for sure you were in the right – with no shades of gray.  Say you were the obvious victim of a crime seeking justice, then Tiwaz is perfect for your situation indicating that justice will be done and the most likely outcome is the offender punished.

But if there are “issues” like there are in  most contracted legal issues (including divorces, law suits, money etc) you probably don’t want to see Tiwaz, at least not by itself; because the judgment is likely to be stark and by the letter of the law.

Tiwaz also sometimes represents law in the sense of something legal (or illegal) going by the “code” which may or may not be a good code.  Again, for example slavery used to be perfectly legal, as was murder in some cases (in Iceland) as long as you declared you had done so and why (the murdered person’s kinsmen could then come after you but the letter of the law was satisfied).  Or, in Nazi Germany when it was legal to send Jews (and others) to concentration camps or when the US rounded up Japanese citizens during the second world war.

On paper these actions were all “legal” but that doesn’t mean they are a good idea or that the law was a good or correct law.  Tiwaz is kind of like that, wonderful when the energy is totally on your side, but can be harsh and difficult if it stands alone in many complex human situations – especially negotiations.

So, one way of reading this combination for a world/western word energy reading is that there is a chance (or energy) today for a “Just Peace” or peace treaty.  That’s not how I’m really feeling pulled to read it, but I want to mention that aspect simply because that positive energy is there and needs to be noted.

But it can also be a Peace (or stasis another meaning of this card) brought about by the harsh and heavy hand of the law/authority/Sky Father/Male energies. 

This is really how I am feeling this card today, I’m not certain but I think this is part of the EU “deal” with Greece that is supposed to happen today.  The indications are that if it does happen, it will be done with the iron fist of rules and laws to try to hold things in stasis/peace/keep from getting worse/keep under control.

The energies are there for that to possibly happen and/or the suggestion that the choice is either agree to peace on these terms or else.  The or else being a most likely very un-peaceful default and other issues.

But I’m also feeling a pull towards the Middle East here and will be looking for stories about at least attempts to find a solution to the current mess there.  I’m not sure it will work (or be permanent) but the potential is there at last for the short-term.  Of course the harshness of the Tiwaz rune also suggests that this could be a rather difficult and harsh peace; perhaps one that is not acceptable to all parties, at least not for very long.

Also, since Tiwaz is often Divine Judgment; this card and rune pretty much symbolize how all sides in the Middle East view things from their perspective –

“Peace but only on the terms that we believe are the Will of God(s)

Which of course means totally different outcomes depending on which side you are on and which version of the “Divine Will” you and your country happen to accept.

If this is the case, then any resulting solutions coming forward today are only likely to be temporary at best, which doesn’t mean they should not be explored but they should also be very carefully crafted and presented so as to not make things worse.

Finally, there are hints of something going on in North America as well, that may be about the economic situation (with some politics mixed in) but it is fainter.  Again, any “solution” today is going to be influenced or affected by the power of Tiwaz and if it is based on a false pretext, the end result could be dire and extremely destructive; because the Spear will tend to go right to the heart of the matter and bring it to light.  It might not happen right away, but it probably won’t take a very long time either.

The Justice of Tiwaz because it is so focused and defined, tends to cut through red tape and get right down to business.

Combined with the Peace card, it suggests that everyone should be very careful how the arrange the end of any particular conflict today (personal or public) because what you agree to now, you will be head to account for later.

That’s your card and rune of the day, remember you can get your cards and/or runes any day by getting a personal reading!

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