Card of the Day – Weekend Edition – Feb 17-19, 2012

This weekends cards are The Scales, The Father and Work while the rune is Eiwaz (Yew Tree/World Tree/Transformation).

This is a very interesting set of cards, because once again we are back to the Father symbolism (actual father(s)/authority figures/mentors/male directive energy/guidance/father of country/dictator)  but with the Sales (A decision being made/things weighed in the balance/scales of justice/scales of liberty etc) and Work (daily work/physical or spiritual job).

The rune Eiwaz means Yew Tree and is sometimes thought of as the world tree, it represents transformation and all the connections between that of the “other world” (land of spirit) and the Earth (roots of the tree).  The inter-connectedness of all things, and the communications between all worlds.

So, what does this likely portend for the weekend? This is a time of great decisions and when the scales of the future are being held in the balance (we knew this already from cards earlier in the week, but it looks like the Scales are finally tipping in their ultimate directions).

The Father/Father(s) energies fates are now combined with that of Work/Jobs/Economic growth/Industry etc.  The Work card can me spiritual growth but is most often about earthly jobs and related issues.

I’m feeling drawn to these cards as the energy the “father/Father(s)” (possibly stern fathers as dictators or liberators) fate/future is going to be decided partly on the basis of what happens in the economic climate.  Or, it could be read that the economic crises and jobs in particular (or lack of them) is the spur that helps bring about ether sort of political father – both those looking for control and those looking for liberation (or revolution).

Brief interlude from Melodi‘s husband the Wolf – looked at these cards and immediately got the sense of something like the WPA projects in the balance – the “Father” may be deciding whether it’s worthwhile for the State to basically create jobs to get work done as a sort of CPR for the economy.  I think Eihwaz here suggests that this will be a significant turning-point, a point on which much depends – or, more linguistically accurately, *from* which much depends (the word “depends” literally means “hangs from”), which fits nicely with a stave linked strongly with the World-Tree.

So, now you have both my reading and that of my master-rune reading husband! Two views for one blog this morning and going into the weekend.

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The rune, indicates that all of these things are connected and

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