Card of the Day – Thursday – Feb 16, 2012

Today’s Card is the Sage and the Rune of the Day is Gebo (gift/marriage), both of these choices show a time out from all the doom and gloom stuff of the last few days and instead point to possible sources of help.

In this case, the cards are indicating that what is needed during this rather turbulent period of drastic changes and hidden secrets is Wisdom and Knowledge.  Also the Sage card suggests that respecting the teachings of the Ancients/Elders is important here and I’m picking up a strong overlay of “The Lessons of History.”

If you study the Sage card, not only is a wise old man sitting in his study surrounded by books and learning from the past, he is also writing his own chapter for the future.  This is the point I think the World/Western world stands at now, a period of time when history can either repeat itself or go forward in a new direction based on the lessons of the past.

The Gebo Rune means literally gift or marriage, in fact it is still the word for marriage in some of the Northern Languages.  It contains elements of partnerships and contracts (similar to the Ehwaz rune we had yesterday)

However, while Ehwaz is more the partnership of friends and business associations, Gebo is the partnership of the heart with the Two lines Crossed over each other to form a new shape all on their own, as opposed to just the two signs (people) coming together and touching.

Within Gebo is not only gifting or being given something; it is also sharing and blending together to form something unique on its own.

In this case, I think the rune and the card together are saying the world is being given the gift of Wisdom today, if it chooses to take it.  Also, that the tools needed to solve the current situation: economic, political and military, are right there in the “books” of history.

There are also hints of the “Akashic Records” in the Sage Card; they are a concept that all the stories of everything that has every happened and everyone who has ever lived (including our own past-lives) is stored in a great cosmic/astral library where the information can be read by those skilled enough in meditation, dreaming or trace to access the bookshelf.  Many people who accept this idea of this “Hall of Records” as Edgar Cayce called it, also believe that cycles of Karma (cause and effect) of everyone personal and collective choices can be found and discovered there as well.

So, the impression I’m getting is that not only is the world/western world being given the “Gift” of material scribblings of recorded history, but also access to the more spiritual information that can be accessed via mediation and divine guidance, if individuals/tribes/nations/national leaders will just take the time to seek it.

I’m also getting a touch like butterfly winds softly on the back of my head that this is a time period when some ancient records that were lost (here on Earth) may be found.  At the very least a major discovery that will shed some sudden light on a previous unknown or misunderstood historical (or per-historical event) that has great impact when properly understood.  My hunch is either the early Ancient World (probably bronze age) or the prehistoric world (stone age).  It may be confusing because this could be more than one separate discovery but rather several that greatly changes our historical understanding of something.

Whatever it/they are, it is likely to be very important in the context of the current world mess; or at least very helpful in terms of coping with it.

So, a really positive new energy coming into play and once again while it is flagged today, I don’t think it is going away in just 24 hours either.  Rather I think this combination of Wisdom/Gift/Discovery is a new “balancing” energy that helps everyone keep aware of hopeful and positive ways to negotiate the current times of change and crises.

It is always a bit easier to walk a hard road, if you know that others have gone before you and made it through to the other side.

That’s your card and rune of the day, remember you can get your cards (and runes) today or any day by getting a personal reading.

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