Card of the Day Wednesday – Feb 15, 2012

Expanded reading today, because the cards were very interesting and I thought needed more investigation.  The first card, Friendship, slipped out of the deck when I first pick up the cards, so I made a note of it and put it back and shuffled.  This gave the card a chance to re-appear, which it did, but as the rune Ehwaz (Horses/Friendship/Partnerships) so I am including it as the first actual card of the reading.

But the next two cards were Prison and The Liar, which would tend to indicate that The Friendship/Partnerships shown in both the card and the rune are poisoned or false.  While in both the case of the card and the rune, their meanings are usually positive; both have hints of their other-meanings.  On the friendship card, there is the mysterious “fourth friend” whose hand and drink are what you see on the card in the background.  If the rest of the reading were positive, he’s probably a pal just coming to add something to the party.  But with darker cards he can be an outside force (or perhaps the charming Liar/Trickster) himself, about to sit down at the dinner table.

Even then, if we had only Friendship/Ehwaz and the Liar card; it would suggest simply false friendship or perhaps a friendship about to be undermined by lies and tricks.

But when you can combine this with the Prison Card, you get a sense of actual entrapment, jail, control, bondage etc…also the Ehwaz rune is translated as Horse, and the “m” symbol often described as two horses touching noses – horses in partnership, horses as a team.  These horses may be true friends, or they may be yoked together as a team.

For horses, both is often the case as working horses, when well treated often enjoy their work and may even insist on showing up to be bridled in joyful retirement, long after they have lost the strength to pull a card and have gone out to pasture.  But an ill-treated team of horses can turn to nasty, mean and destructive, they are a danger to their “master” and even to each other.  They can lash out by biting, kicking and bucking, sometimes throwing over the entire cart.

Even a good team of horses can be “spooked” and suddenly kill or maim the drivers if something sudden and scary enough comes down the path.   This is even more likely if they are underfed or poorly treated, as they are more likely to panic or jump away from their driver because they do not trust him.

The same is true for the horse and rider, which is also indicated in this rune in terms of partnership and friendship.  A good relationship is based on trust, a broken trust makes for a dangerous ride.

OK, so that’s the sort of energies we’ve got here; all of these are interesting because unlike yesterday’s “cosmic forces” cards of rushing forward, and the Change Cards of Monday – these cards are all very human based.  They are also based in mankind/people relationships – People build friendships (or destroy them) People build Prisons and People lie and deceive each other.  People also form partnerships, usually with each other and sometimes with their working animals.  Yesterday’s rune

is often translated as “Riding” which yesterday was on the sea, but more often viewed as riding on horse back (on in modern times a car) so includes the image of the horse-rider partnership.

My reading of these cards is that an important friendship is about to turn very nasty, a partnership will be broken casing entrapment or imprisonment for one or several friends.  This will come about based on a lie, or false partner.

Now the most obvious candidate for this is the EU/Greece situation and I think that is a major part of what is going on. 

However these cards read energies, which means there is a lot of influences out there for other similar situations of “friends” falling out and even imprisoned out there today.  I am seriously wondering if a political scandal is going to come to light (in the US or elsewhere)?  There is almost a Water-gate type feeling, if this story does not surface today I think that it will soon.

Finally, I think this is a very dangerous time for the parties lining up for that “Great War” meme that keeps coming up in the cards.  It shows that some who believe they are allies are really “riding forward” towards war based on lies and false friendships.  That’s true of many wars, especially Great Ones, but this situation feels absolutely historic.

In fact, I’m getting the sense that all three of these patterns may be (or become) entangled in some way, leading future historians to marvel at how seemingly separate situations can join together (partnership reversed) to create such a subtle mess.

They may all be tied together by the general lies and false-friendships of the over-all economic state of the world right now.  Again, I think that’s involved here, but the most obvious and urgent story flagged in these cards is probably the Greek/EU/German “friendship” but it also has echoes of other “partnerships” failing in the wings.

Again, for individuals, focus on the friendship card but be sure not to open yourself up to anyone you don’t full trust today.  There is a lot of energy out their making very easy for friends and family to get upset, deceptive or confused with each other.  Concentrate on moderating your behavior and your speech in a loving manner and try not to react if others become difficult.

Remember it isn’t you, it’s the energy of the day, concentrated on the good energy (friendship and partnership) and slam the door on prisons and lies in your own life.  You have the power to do this, or at least to moderate it, so use it.

Also, this isn’t a great day for socializing, I would avoid that if possible, but a very good night to stay in with a good book and loving family beside you.


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