The Card of the Day – Tuesday – Feb 14, 2012

Wow, well for the second day in a row, the card and the rune have almost identical meanings!

This indicates once again that the current energy is very strong, yesterday’s message was Change, and today’s is The Voyage or Raido – The Journey, both the card and the rune are usually positive, at least in the sense of forward motion.  In both cases the Voyage/Journey can be physical, spiritual or sometimes a bit of both.

Raido itself, has strong positive aspects in terms of “positive movement forward,” although it can mean a journey to the underworld (death or shamanic journey) though I don’t feel that particular pull in this case.

Instead, I’m feeling on the one hand a sense of rushing, somewhat chaotic energy, now headed off in the direction it intends to go.  Pretty much a decision has been made, and now the quest shall begin! A strong, positive “whoosh” of energy!

I’m also getting hints of a possible naval war or naval action in the Voyage Card, with its picture of an old-fashioned ship, the sort that could either be used to explore New Worlds or Invade with an Armada, depending on choices made.

In this case I think that choices have been made and the ships are on their way; hopefully the clear and energetic energies will stay on top and the world will explore new ways through the current mine fields and shop short of actual warfare, but the prospect of a Navel battle (or war on the Seas has to be mentioned) though I would vastly prefer simpler “Journey on the Seas” instead.

There could also be new discoveries made today (or at least made public) in Science and other areas, the “Cosmic Sea” feels important here and I’ll personally be watching for events in Space, Astronomy and even Sun Spots as a result.  New information (or stories about) Space Travel would really fit this meme, as would news about  the exploration of New Lands (like the lake at the South Pole).

For individuals a really great day for moving forward, getting started on a new project, travel, travel plans, meditation/shamanic journeys, sports (especially sailing or water related), horses, cars, ships, walking etc.

I have a feeling this energy (like that of Change) will keep moving for a few days yet, even if another energy surfaces to the top tomorrow.

Voyage/Rhaido energy is a bit unusual because it is both Inward and Outward energy depending on how it is focused.  On the one hand it is one of the most active cards around (and I feel this aspect today) but it can also be focused towards the inward and psychic realms (including dreams) to help move people along on their spiritual path.

So, another mixed day, but an amazingly focused one, hang on and enjoy the ride!

That’s your card (and rune) of the day, remember you can get your cards (or runes) any day by getting a personal reading.

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